Top 8 Cape Verde attractions you must visit

Top 8 Cape Verde attractions you must visit

Today, we are talking about the Top 8 Cape Verde attractions you must visit. You are here reading this article because you want good recommendations of top places in Cape Verde that you can visit in 2022 right? Well, look no further because in this article, we will be looking at the top 8 best destinations in Cape Verde that you should definitely visit.

Many countries are gradually opening up their borders and airports for travel and tourism since we passed the main wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This is 2021 and the virus is still with us but with vaccines and necessary precautions taken, people can now safely tour and visit countries all over the globe.

Cape Verde is an island country located in parts of the central Atlantic Ocean and is considered to be a part of West Africa. Cape Verde is home to so many beautiful beaches and is considered the country with the highest standard of living in Western Africa. This is due to the fact that Cape Verde is politically and economically stable and has been so for many years.

Beautiful things you will enjoy about Cape Verde include the beautiful music, the unique African atmosphere and the markets. Whether you want to relax by the sea quietly or dance to music in beautiful nightlife, Cape Verde has everything you want.

Let’s look at our top 8 destinations in Cape Verde that you must visit this year 2022


1. Visit Santa Maria beach in Sal-

Santa Maria beach is a very popular beach in Sal which is an island located on Cape Verde. At Santa Maria, you can go horseback riding, sit by the beach and watch the beautiful waves crash.

2. Hike at Pico De Fogo-

Fogo Island in Cape Verde is another adventurous destination in Cape Verde. Fogo Island has a major tourist attraction which is the summit of Pico de Fogo. This summit is the highest point on the whole of Cape Verde. You can hike to the summit and you don’t have to fear any volcanic eruptions happening.

3. Visit Boa Vista-

Boa Vista is another very popular island in Cape Verde that you can go on an adventure to. The island is very popular among tourists and it is a desert island. If you have always wanted a sand dune adventure, visit Boa Vista and jump on a dune buggy.


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 4. Visit Santo Antao Island

Santo Antao Island is the second-largest island in Cape Verde and this island is the perfect mix of everything. Santo Antao Island is very green and lush, unlike Boa Vista which is more sandy. While at Santa Antao island, be sure to visit places like Xoxo, take the beautiful trails that run from Lin d’Corvo to João Afonso.


5. Visit the coastline of Sao Vicente-

The coastline of Sao Vicente is so beautiful and truly a natural scenery that you must see. The backdrop of the hills and mountains against the crashing waves of the sea is truly a breathtaking sight.  That is why is one of Top 8 Cape Verde attractions you must visit.

6. Visit Kite Beach on Sal island-

If you have always wanted to fly your own kites so high at the beach, this Kite beach in Cape Verde is a perfect place to start. There are starter or beginner lessons, and intermediate lessons for those that want to learn kitesurfing and normal surfing.


7. Catch the beautiful sight of sea turtles at Boa beach-

Boa Vista is an island on Cape Verde just like we mentioned earlier. And it has beautiful beaches. Many of the beaches on Boa Vista are breeding grounds for the sea turtle population there. For this reason, the Boa Vista beaches are national treasures that are protected both by the Cape Verde government and the locals.


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 8. Visit the Pedra Lume crater-

The Pedra Lume crater is located on the island of Sal in Cape Verde and it is truly a creation of natural wonder. Just like the name implies, this tourist site is a volcanic crater that has been over the years, filled with water mostly salty sea water. The crater “pool” is not too deep so you won’t sink and it has high mineral content so it’s great for your skin.

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In conclusion

These 8 amazing destinations in Cape Verde are some of our most recommended spots on Cape Verde island for you. Whether you wish to swim in the crater lake, sit quietly to observe the sea turtles, or just stare at nature in all its beauty, these 8 destinations in Cape Verde are perfect options.


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