Cost of Relocating to Canada from Nigeria – Express Entry 2022

Cost of Relocating to Canada from Nigeria - Express Entry 2022

Today, we will be talking about the Cost of Relocating to Canada from Nigeria – Express Entry 2022. Relocating to Canada from Nigeria seems to be everyone’s dream in Nigeria right now.

This is especially true for the youths living in Nigeria. And the reason for this massive interest in emigration out of Nigeria and into Canada is for nothing more than greener pastures. Meanwhile, the economic situation in Nigeria is not one that is very favorable and it could be quite hostile to the citizens living in it.

For this reason, many people want to move to Canada and other countries and this is totally understandable. In this article, we will be helping you to calculate an estimate of the amount you need to have to process your migration from Nigeria to Canada.

The cost of relocating from Nigeria to Canada is highly dependent on the method you take to migrate.  The different methods of immigration cost different amounts in Canadian Dollars. Canada usually has fixed prices for their immigration forms.

We will be honest with you, when it comes to the cost of migrating to other popular countries, Canada is fairly cheaper than most of them. For example, relocating to Canada costs 11,000$CAD less than relocating to Australia. 

The amount of money you will spend on immigrating into Canada depends on two main factors.


They are:

– The size of family you are planning on bringing,
– The type of immigration program you will be applying for.


Other factors also come into play, but these are the two main factors you will need to consider.



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Furthermore, in this article, we will be looking at the cost of immigrating to Canada from Nigeria using the Express Entry immigration program. What really is Express Entry, you might wonder?  Express Entry is an immigration program that actually formed the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) system. IRCC system is a popular gateway into Canada and it is specifically for skilled foreign workers and their close family members.

1. To create an Express Entry profile, there is absolutely no cost to you.

-After you have created your profile, you will receive an ITA. ITA stands for Invitation to Apply.
-After that, you will submit a complete application and with the application, you will pay $825 for visa processing fee. If you are bring your spouse or common-law partner, the $825 fee covers for both of you. If you have children, you will pay $225 per child that is dependent on you.

2. As of 2020, it is estimated that a single applicant for permanent settlement via Express Entry must have $12,960CAD in savings/as settlement funds to qualify for permanent residency. This applicant should not have a spouse nor dependent children.

3. If you are a couple, then immigrating into Canada will cost you a total sum of $16,135 in terms of settlement funds.

And, if you calculate it, you will notice that, for every additional member that you bring along with you to Canada, you will need an additional $3,492 in savings.

If you are going for the PNP (Provincial Nomination Programs), this is an entirely different immigration method from the Express Entry method. The 11 provincial governments of Canada are responsible for the design and maintenance of the PNP immigration pathway. There are settlements funds for each province in Canada. So, depending on the particular province you wish to settle in, you will need a particular settlement fund in order to be accepted.


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But, since we are only talking about Express Entry method in this article, you will need to do a little research about the PNP costs.

If we are going to break down the total expense for Express Entry for you as a Nigerian, then we will need to factor in all the costs from the start to the finish. That is, right from the stage of IELTS to the last stage.

IELTS Test Registration costs 75,000 Naira.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) costs $280 CAD which converts to 76,720 Naira.

Educational Transcript Request Fee costs 15,000 Naira

Medical Exam costs 35,000 Naira
Police Report costs 6,500 Naira

Application Processing Fee costs $550 CAD which is equivalent to 150,700 Naira

Right of permanent residence costs $490 CAD for one person, equivalent to 134,260 Naira

Miscellaneous Expenses would cost around 45,000 Naira, and miscellaneous would include delivery fee, passport photos, affidavits and more.
If you calculate the total cost of all these, you should arrive at a total cost of 538,180 Naira for processing Express Entry as a Nigerian.

In conclusion, you still need to visit the Canadian immigration website to get more information and confirm. Hope you have enjoyed reading this.

Thank you for reading. 

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