Top 7 Spots In Senegal To Be On Your Bucket list

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Today, we will be talking about the top 7 Spots in Senegal to be on your bucket list. It is always going to be one of the best places in West Africa to visit as a tourist. Senegal has been receiving tourist attractions over the years. Especially because of Senegal’s lakes, wildlife, beaches, etc.

Senegal has its capital in the city of Dakar which is a city that is very rich in French colonial history. The city is bustling with life, culture, and the uniqueness of the Senegalese people.

If you are interested in exploring parts of West Africa, especially the coastal parts, Senegal is a good country to start from. The people are friendly and easygoing, the culture is unique, and there are lots of great spots to explore.

So, without much further ado, let’s list out 7 of the best attractions in Senegal that you just see. These places present the most fun and the most memory-filled experience.



The Top 7 Spots In Senegal To Be On Your Bucket list


1. Dakar, the capital city of Senegal

In Dakar, there are lots of things you could explore. From the amazing Senegalese musical instruments to the Senegalese masks to the Senegalese museums, and the bustling markets. There is a whole lot to see in the capital city.


2. Goree Island

This island is very well known for its association with the slave trade and it has a history of being the site where lots of slaves were exported out of Africa during the slave trade period in historical Senegal.

The island is a very important site where Africans in diaspora, for example, African Americans can visit to pay homage to their ancestors or to have a feel of “home” again. Goree Island is located in Dakar, which is Senegal’s capital.


3. Lake Retba, also called Pink Lake

Lake Retba is called Pink Lake for a reason. The lake is colored its spectacular pink-purple color because of the presence of pink bacteria of a single species.

Top 7 Spots In Senegal To Be On Your Bucket list
Top 7 Spots In Senegal To Be On Your Bucket list




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  1. St. Louis


St. Louis is a beautiful and historical town located on the N’Dar island inside river Senegal on the Northeastern coast of Senegal. Saint Louis is most famous for its historical and colonial architecture. By visiting Saint Louis, Senegal, you get a very unique opportunity to travel far back in time. The island upon which Saint Louis is located is connected to mainland Senegal by a bridge that was built in the 1800s. Saint Louis has very old cathedrals, buildings and is basically a town swimming in historical artifacts. 



  1. Ziguinchor


This is a beautiful town in Senegal that lies along the Casamance River in North East Senegal. Ziguinchor known in the traditional Wolof language as Siggcoor is the capital city of the Ziguinchor region in Senegal. The city has a university named after it and as of 2011, it was estimated to have a total population of up to 340,000 people. 



  1. Popenguine


Popenguine is a small village in Senegal that is located on the shore of the Atlantic ocean. This village is located to the south of the capital city of Dakar about 70km away from it. And this village is worth visiting because of its pristine sandy beach, its natural reserve, and the beautiful and serene environment. Also, this village is located in the Thies-Cap Vert region of Senegal. 



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  1. Saloum Delta National Park


This is a beautiful national park in Senegal. The park is usually open all 24 hours of the day. The park measures a whooping 76,000 hectares. Main income activities around this area include fishing and shellfish gathering. The park was established in 1976 and is located within the Saloum Delta of Senegal. 


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These seven beautiful tourist locations in Senegal are definitely worth visiting. Many are live examples of how beautiful nature can be when left alone and maintained. From the beaches to the national parks to the bird sanctuary, Senegal definitely has a good number of places you can visit as a tourist.


Senegal is a West African country that is worth giving a try. The country is very peaceful and also very stable both economically and in almost all major ramifications. We absolutely recommend these 7 spots in Senegal. You won’t regret it. 

If you are not from an ECOWAS country, then you might have to get prepared with the hassles that come with visa processing for most African countries. Apart from that, the rest of your trip to these places we suggested is guaranteed to be beautiful.


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