7 Visa-free countries that Nigerians Can Travel To

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Today, we will be talking about 7 Visa-free countries that Nigerians Can Travel To.  A Visa is a document that is usually issued by countries to other countries’ citizens to allow them to be able to enter or exit the country they are going into. Also, a Visa is issued by another country that is about to be visited by the citizen of another country that wants to travel. A Visa is very different from a passport.

A passport is given by the citizen’s home country for identification purposes. The passport shows the country the citizen is from, and it is also used to be able to gain entry back into one’s home country. While a visa allows a person to be able to travel to other countries or legally gain access to them.

The Nigerian passport is on the same level as that of Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh in terms of world ranking. In case you don’t know, the Nigerian passport’s ranking is very low hence, there are only a small number of countries that Nigerians can visit visa-free. The Nigerian passport ranked 83rd on the passport index as of 2022.

This is very low when you compare it to the position of some of its African counterparts. If you are looking for recommendations of visa-free countries that you can travel to as a Nigerian, look no further. In this article, we will be listing 7 visa-free countries that you can travel to with a Nigerian passport. Let’s check them out.


Here Are 7 Visa-free countries that Nigerians Can Travel To

1. Cape Verde

The Cape Verde tourist visa is totally free to Nigerian passport holders for up to 90 days. This is primarily because Cape Verde is located in West Africa and is a member of ECOWAS. Before you start backpacking or planning your trip, you should make sure that you check the current validity of your passport. Your national passport has to be valid before you can gain access.

Also, you should make sure your passport has blank Visa pages. Cape Verde itself is an island located on the west coast of Africa and is made up of several islands. This means that Cape Verde is your perfect spot for beaches, salt lakes, and also deserts! The country is a highly rated tourist destination.


7 Visa-free countries that Nigerians Can Travel To
7 Visa-free countries that Nigerians Can Travel To


2. Fiji

Here, Fiji is that country that is not located in Africa but is visa-free for you as a Nigerian! And Fiji Islands as it is known in full is an island country that has its location in the South Pacific ocean. If you want to visit the Fiji Islands on the basis of tourism with a Nigerian passport, then you are allowed to legally stay there for up to 120 days.

That is about 4 months for you as a Nigerian with no visa. Who says there are no non-African countries on this list? Fiji Islands is a great option and the country is close enough to New Zealand and Australia, in case you want to drop by those countries too. Fiji has numerous islands and that means an endless option of beaches, there is the Garden of the Sleeping Giant which is a huge tourist attraction, and so on.



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3. Senegal

Senegal is another country that Nigerians can travel to that is totally visa-exempt. If you plan on staying in Senegal for not up to 90 days with a Nigerian passport, you can. Senegal is a member of the ECOWAS and citizens are allowed to visit other member countries with valid passports of citizenship or ECOWAS passport.

In Senegal, you get to experience the beaches, the lakes, the slavery points in the past, and the tallest statue in Africa.

4. Ghana

Ghana is also another member of the ECOWAS that allows Nigerian passport holders free exemption from owning a Visa before the citizens can visit. A Nigerian citizen can stay in Ghana for up to 90 days without the need for a tourist visa.

Also, Ghana has some amazing places that you would want to see while taking advantage of this visa-free entry opportunity. You can visit the famous city of Accra, the beaches, art galleries, the national parks and more.

5. Dominica

Dominica is very free for Nigerians to stay in for up to 21 days. You don’t need a tourist visa for those 21 days but you can process your visa while you are in the country. Dominica is a very beautiful country that has tourist spots that you would love as a Nigerian. Don’t waste that visa-exemption opportunity of yours to be in Dominica. There are lakes, national parks, waterfalls, and more to see! Even the famous Victoria Falls is located in Dominica.


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6. Barbados

Barbados allows citizens of Nigeria with their Nigerian passports a time of 6 months. Now, that’s huge. Barbados has an incredibly beautiful landscape and amazing beaches for you to relax on. We assure you that you will love your time in the beautiful country.

7. Haiti

Haiti is another great country that is visa-free to Nigerians for the first 90 days. Also, Haiti has beautiful places that will wow you. There is the Sans-Souci Palace, the national museum of Haiti for history lovers, waterfalls, the Iron market, and more. This is a great place for you to visit with no visa at all.


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These 7 countries recommended above are absolutely visa-free for Nigerian passport holders for their first visit to these countries. Though there are more countries that are visa-free to Nigerians, we just managed to recommend seven of them to you. Other countries like Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Benin, Sierra Leone, and more also allow Nigerians in for a short period of time without visas.

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Thank you for reading. 

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