Top 10 Fun Places To Visit In Cameroon

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Today, we will be talking about the Top 10 Fun Places To Visit In Cameroon. If you’re looking for the best places or scenes where the best tourism candy is in Central Africa, then Cameroon is a great place to start. In this article, we will be looking at the best 10 places in Cameroon that you must see as a travel enthusiast! No, you really mustn’t miss out on some of these Cameroonian sceneries. 


 Moreover, Cameroon is a country in Central Africa that is sometimes regarded as a West African country because it is located along the West-central region of the African continent. Cameroon shares borders with several countries which include Chad, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nigeria.


This incredibly beautiful country is known to be very peaceful and hence perfect for tourist visits. If you are a tourist that is looking at visiting Cameroon, then you have made the right choice. Below, we will be listing some unique locations in Cameroon, and explaining what makes those locations very worthy of visits. Let’s check them out.



Top 10 Fun Places To Visit In Cameroon
Top 10 Fun Places To Visit In Cameroon

Here Are The Top 10 Fun Places To Visit In Cameroon


1. View the colonial structures at Foumban

Foumban is a city in Cameroon that is highly rich in culture. In Foumban, you will find very ancient structures that date back to centuries old. The city has an ancient palace that is currently inhabited by the Sultan. The Sultan is the 19th ruler of the Bamoun dynasty that has been existing as far back as the 14th century. In Foumban, you will also be able to visit museums, watch arts and culture display and more.



2. Visit the amazing Lobeke National Park

Lobeke National Park is swimming with a lot of eye-catching things to see. One you would love to see is the western gorillas. The gorillas have a home in the park which is their natural habitat. You can watch the gorillas from a safari tower. Also, you might be able to see bufalloes, antelopes, hogs and more at this amazing park.



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3. If you love beautiful plants, visit Limbe

Limbe is a beautiful assortment of plants in their full glory. Limbe in history was the site of trial for the German colonialists who were experimenting with plantations and exotic crops. You will dive into beautiful gardens at Limbe.



4. Visit Maroua for hiking and rock climbing

Maroua is a location in Cameroon that has a lot of peaks. Maroua is located at the bottom of the Maranda mountains. And the mountains have outstanding natural trails go follow for hiking.



5. Visit the Bouba Ndija National Park

At this park, you get to see live the rare black rhino that is endangered right now and at risk of possible extinction. Also, at the Bouba Ndija national park, you will see elephants, bufalloes and lions.



6. Barombi Mbo Crater lake

This is one of the beautiful places to visit in Cameroon. It is a wonderful sight to behold. If you have a plan to visit Cameroon, check this place out.



Top 10 Fun Places To Visit In Cameroon
Top 10 Fun Places To Visit In Cameroon

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7. Visit Mt Cameroon and climb the volcanic mountain

Also, another exciting place that you should see in Cameroon is the tallest mountain in West Africa called Mount Cameroon. My Cameroon is fantastic for volcanic mountain climbing. You need to reach the base of the mountain in a town called Beua before you set off on climbing. Several mountaineers visit Cameroon just for this purpose and it will take 3-4 days to reach the mountain peak.



8. Visit the capital city of Cameroon called Yaounde

Yaounde is a highly vibrant city and capital of Cameroon. And in it, you can see various displays of arts and crafts native to the caneroonians, you can also visit the museums like the Benedictine Museum of Mont-Febe for example. Yaounde is a fun and lively city with lots to experience as a tourist.



9. Visit the Korup National Park

At the Korup National Park, you can see the short-tailed drill monkeys which is a rare type of monkey species, see rare fauna and see amazing exotic animals. Korum National Park has one of the oldest and most diverse rainforest in all of Africa and embrace the 100% humidity of the location. 



10. Chutes De La Lobe

One of the exciting places to visit is Chutes de la lobe. It is one of the Top 10 Fun Places To Visit In Cameroon.



If you’re looking to experience Africa in its rawness, Cameroon is the perfect choice. From wildlife to beautiful fauna to beautiful people, to adorable ancient monuments and structures to warm towns, to talll mountains, Cameroon is a perfect tourist haven and destination, if you decide to visit. The country is full of cool and friendly people with lots of unique landscape to wow you. We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 places to see in the beautiful country of Cameroon. 


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