5 Ways To Study Abroad For a Low Cost

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In today’s blog, we will be talking about 5 Ways To Study Abroad For a Low Cost. If you live in a country like Nigeria, then you are aware that so many young people want to have the opportunity to emigrate out of the country, especially for educational purposes.

Moreover, getting your degree or postgraduate qualification from a country like the USA, Germany, Canada, UK, etc., can make up for a very impressive addition to your CV. Many times, employers are fully aware that these countries have high standards for education and produce some of the best graduates.

Not to also mention that most of the best educational institutions around the world are not located in our dear country, Nigeria.

Furthermore, if you are looking at studying abroad to earn a world-class and highly respected degree, studying abroad is a good decision that can, however, get expensive real quick. 

And many times, the cost of studying abroad is just too much for the average Nigerian to afford. So, we decided to suggest a number of ways through which you can get to study abroad and yet at a very cheap price. “Is that even possible?”, you would wonder.

Well, it is! Below, we share four great methods or ways through which you can get to study abroad for a very low cost or even for free. They are:


5 Ways To Study Abroad For a Low Cost


1. Scholarships

Obviously, right? Many times, it is the most common option for you as a Nigerian who wants to study abroad. If you want to study abroad, there are hundreds of scholarship opportunities available online. The disadvantage of scholarships is that they can be quite competitive.

In other words, different countries have different scholarship programs available for international students that want to study. Just a quick Google search will present you with a multitude of scholarship options for the country you wish to study in.

Depending on the course you want to study also, there will be scholarship opportunities available too. We will also recommend a top website that regularly publishes and updates its viewers with new scholarships across different courses and countries at www.gooverseas.com. The website is more of a resource for finding top scholarships online.



5 Ways To Study Abroad For a Low Cost
5 Ways To Study Abroad For a Low Cost


2. Go for a very cheap study abroad program

There are dozens and dozens of very cheap study abroad programs available to you as an international student. There are cheap study abroad programs available in Germany, China, Italy, etc.

You just have to search very well. These cheap study abroad programs are targeted toward the less privileged international students who cannot afford the hefty fees of normal schools.



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3. You can choose to volunteer abroad

You can also learn outside of the walls of a school as well. All you need to do is to volunteer and you will be rewarded with free foreign language knowledge as well as free housing and food too.

Depending on the type of program you volunteer for, you will gain access to different types of benefits. One very popular option is WWOOF, which is a very popular volunteering program that helps to pair willing volunteers with farmers that are in need of extra hands on the farm.

Through this partnership, you can even learn the local language. There are other volunteer programs you can sign up for other than WWOOF.


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4. Enroll in a Work-Study program

Before a student can be able to work abroad, the student needs to have the right type of Visa. But the problem is that most student visas don’t have the provision for employment. But you can work while studying so that you can cover your tuition fee with your paycheck.

You can teach the English language as a foreign language in a country that allows it. Also, countries like New Zealand and Australia allow you to work during your study program. Many of the European Union Countries will actually allow you to work part-time to earn an income while you study.


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5. Enroll in a low-cost foreign University directly

Some countries like Germany for example, have very low tuition fees for their public universities. Enrolling in universities with very low tuition fees means that you get to save money and spend less.

Some universities like the Paris La Sorbonne in France have NO tuition fee but only a registration fee of $200! The only prerequisite is that you need to know the French language.

Bottom Line.
These 5 methods are very effective ways of studying abroad for an absolutely low cost. They might not be completely free, but at least they will be quite affordable.

In conclusion, I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Let us know what you will like us to write about next. And we will appreciate if you can help repost and share. And please subscribe to be the first to get new gist. 

Thank you for reading.

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