Best Cities in the USA to Live for Immigrants 2022

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Today, we will be talking about the best cities in the USA to live in for immigrants in 2022. Living in the USA is like a huge dream come true for many aspiring USA immigrants all over the world. The USA ranks high globally when it comes to the economy, GDP, and the high employment rate among its inhabitants.

In fact, globally USA is seen as a global powerhouse and because of these reasons, many foreigners dream of immigrating to the USA to experience their own dreams come true in such an enabling and business-friendly environment.

Furthermore, If you are looking at immigrating into the USA and you are totally not sure of what particular cities are the best for foreigners, we are here for you. Truth is, some US cities are better for foreigners in terms of immigrant policies and laws in place to allow foreigners to settle in easier and faster.

So, If you are new to the whole US environment, you might not be aware of the best immigrant-friendly cities to settle in or which ones are the best for you in the long term for peaceful living and working. Well, luckily, we have curated the best of them for you. Let’s see them below.


Here Are Best Cities in the USA to Live for Immigrants 2022


1. San Jose, California

California is hands down, one of the best cities to live in inside the United States. This is not only because many of the immigrants that migrate to the US go there, but also because California has reasonable laws in place that really favor migrants from any part of the world. California alone as a city has almost half of the immigrant population in the USA. Up to 45% of the immigrant population in the USA live in California city.

San Jose itself is a city in California that has up to 40% of its total population made up of immigrants. San Jose has enacted certain laws that promote equality in the city hence everyone has equal access to the opportunities that abound in the city and financial empowerment is also encouraged highly among its immigrant community.


2. Michigan, Grand Rapids 

This is a really good place to live. And summer in Michigan is really good. Winters are harsh. Home prices are reasonable. Great quality of life. This is why is one of the best cities in the USA to Live for Immigrants 2022.


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Best Cities in the USA to Live for Immigrants 2022
Best Cities in the USA to Live for Immigrants 2022




Read On Best Cities in the USA to Live for Immigrants 2022

3. Chicago, Illinois

Here, Chicago city located in Illinois has also been repeatedly ranked as one of the best cities in the US to settle in as an immigrant. Chicago has very active policies that support the growth and incorporation of the immigrant community into Chicago. Chicago is also known as one of the best cities to get a professional job as an immigrant in the USA. Up to 10% of working immigrants consider themselves entrepreneurs. This tells you a lot that, the environment encourages immigrants to thrive.

4. Baltimore, Maryland

So, Baltimore has a wide array of opportunities that abound for locals and immigrants alike to grab. Baltimore ranks very highly for economic prosperity and job opportunities. This makes Baltimore a perfect place to choose to settle in as an immigrant in the USA. You will find it easier to get a job and even start your own business. Because the economic climate in Maryland is very favorable.

5. South Carolina, Spartanburg

A lot of people think Spartanburg is one of the best places to live in the US. A lot of young people are moving here now because of Jobs. They have places to work here and employment is just waiting for people here. It is also has a ranking as the 18th cheapest city to live in a few years ago. But this place is good for everyone.



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6. New York City

Did you know that up to 1,750,000 immigrants in New York City were naturalized in 2017? Many immigrants just coming to the USA, find New York City to be their most common gateway into the country. New York has a very good record with migrant communities and also has solid policies in place to encourage immigrants to settle there and be protected as well.

7. San Francisco, California

In a report from a survey carried out in 2017, up to 39 6% of immigrants living in San Francisco have a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification. San Francisco city is the 4th most populous city in California and it is highly friendly to immigrant communities. The city also has legal support in terms of favorable laws enact to favor immigrants.


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Bottom Line

These five beautiful cities in the USA are some of the best cities to settle in as a foreigner. All the cities above have really useful laws that back immigrants strongly. And these laws are upheld strictly by law enforcement agencies. Living in any of them should grant you the best experience as an immigrant in the USA.

In conclusion, Migrating to another country is a great experience for you and you should enjoy your change in your new environment better if you pick the right city to settle in. The cities above, have a long history of being the home to millions of foreign immigrants. 

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