Top 8 Fun Things To Do in Hawaii as a Tourist

Top 8 Fun Things To Do in Hawaii as a Tourist
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In today’s blog, we will be talking about the top 8 fun things to do in Hawaii as a Tourist. If you are looking for a recommendation of the best things you can do in Hawaii as a tourist, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be taking you through a list of fun things you can do in Hawaii while exploring the nation as a tourist. 


Hawaii is a state located in the United States. Yes, Hawaii is one of the many States in the United States of America. Hawaii itself is an island that is located outside of mainland USA and it is the only U.S state that is located in the tropics. 


Now, Hawaii is a very popular tourist destination for many people both from the USA and from other countries. Hawaii boasts amazing beaches and breathtaking expressions of nature. It is every tourist’s dream. 


Below, we listed 8 fun things that you can do in Hawaii as a tourist. Visit the best attractions in the state and marvel at the many beautiful expressions of nature. 


Here Top 8 Fun Things To Do in Hawaii as a Tourist


1. Attend a Luau event- If you’re the type of tourist that likes to experience the culture of the country deeply, then the Luau is a must-go for you. A luau is simply an event that showcases Hawaii’s rich culture. At the event, you get to enjoy authentic Hawaiian food, dancers in their full glory, and a stunning cultural display. You can watch the Hula, eat tasty local food, watch fire dancers perform, and more. And what’s more? The event is usually carried out on the ocean side. 


2. Learn how to surf- If you have always wanted to surf, then Hawaii is a great option for you. Hawaii has the ideal environment for those who wildlife like to surf. In fact, Hawaii itself has a very active surfing culture. Also, there are companies stationed all over the island that are willing to give you good surfing lessons so that you can ride out into the wave with confidence. 



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3. Try snorkeling- Hawaii has the Flora and fauna under the sea that you would want to see. All you have to do is grab a snorkel from one of the companies that offer the service on the island and go out into the sea. If you want to see a colorful plant population as well as amazing and giant sea turtles, then snorkeling is a fun activity to do! 


4. See a volcano- There are two national parks in Hawaii that offer tourists the opportunity to hike along volcanic mountains. Fun things to do include hiking along the lava tubes, walking along with a dormant volcano, watching as steam rises out of the volcano and out of the ground and falls back, and more. You can also book a helicopter ride to see the volcano from above. There are companies in Hawaii that offer the service. 


5. Go out to sea to watch the whales- There is a species of whale that is specifically called the Hawaiian Humpback. They are called so because these whales are born and bred in the Hawaiian waters. You can just join a tour of people that are heading out to sea to search for these whales. Whales are one of the most majestic creatures at sea and you don’t want want to miss out on an opportunity to spot them. 


Top 8 Fun Things To Do in Hawaii as a Tourist
Top 8 Fun Things To Do in Hawaii as a Tourist

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6. Pay a visit to Pearl Harbor- Are you a history enthusiast? If you are, you will enjoy your visit to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor has memorials, played a huge role during wars, and there is also a collection of battleships at the harbor that you can look at. The harbor also houses a museum that has relics and lots of historical artifacts from the past. 


7. Sail on top of the waters for hours- There are several services situated along the Hawaiian coast that can take you on a sailing trip for hours. Since Hawaii consists of several islands, you can admire the view of the many islands while sailing. It’s also a great opportunity for some dope photoshoots. 


8. Take a tour of a coffee plantation- If you’re a fan of coffee, then you might want to try Kona coffee and see the difference in aroma and flavor. Because Hawaii has such fertile soil and a perfect climate, it makes for excellent coffee plantations. Learn about harvesting methods, planting methods, and more from the friendly local coffee farmers. 


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In conclusion, the eight activities we listed above are some of the best and most fun things you can embark on while you visit the U.S state of Hawaii. Do you also know some more fun places to visit in Hawaii, please do share with us in the comment area?

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