10 Asian Countries That Are Immigration Friendly

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In today’s blog, we will be talking about 10 Asian Countries That Are Immigration FriendlyDid you search for immigration-friendly Asian countries to Immigrate to? Look no further! If you are looking at changing your living environment a bit, you might have considered moving to an Asian country at some point. Some studies have revealed that people are beginning to look towards Asia as a land of opportunities and this is actually somewhat true.

Furthermore, out of the 10 Asian Countries that are Immigration Friendly, the Asian continent is a very large one and it, of course, has different regions. Most of the countries recommended in our list below are South-East Asian countries. East Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea are not very open to immigrants per se. China, for example, is known very well to have a restrictive immigration policy.


10 Asian Countries That Are Immigration Friendly
10 Asian Countries That Are Immigration Friendly

So, if you really want to migrate to an Asian country, which countries in Asia are more relaxed and open to immigrants in terms of immigration policies and citizen perception of foreigners? Don’t worry, we got you covered! So, below are the four best countries in Asia that we recommend highly for you if you want to immigrate. We are excited and support your decision all the way because Asian countries are often very rich in unique culture, food, and job opportunities.


Here Are 5 Asian Countries That Are Immigration Friendly


1. United Arab Emirates (UAE) – this is one of the few places in Asia open for everyone to visit or migrate to. It is a beautiful place to visit and stay if you so desire. And it is a very friendly Country to outsiders coming in, especially to spend money. This country


2. the Philippines:

Apart from the fact that the Philippines was formerly an American colony, the Philippines is a fantastic option and it is our first recommendation for you in all of Asia because their immigration policies are actually very lax and friendly to foreigners. In fact, you are more likely to feel at home in the Philippines than in other Asian countries. If you are very fond of the American culture, then you will love the Philippines even more. Because, due to their former entanglement with America, they have a whole lot of similarities with the USA. For instance, their TV shows are very American, their fast foods are also very American. And the people of the Philippines are very proficient in the English language.

Apart from the ease of migrating and the country’s similarity to America, the Philippines is also very aesthetically pleasing. The country is home to a whole lot of amazingly beautiful beaches and incredible natural sceneries. The Philippines has different visas for different foreigners’ intents or purposes. Visit www.immigration.gov.ph for more information about the type of visa that suits you.

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3. Cambodia:

The main catch with Cambodia, which is located also in the Southeast Asian region, is the amazingly low cost of living in the country. This very quality is highly attractive to foreigners. For example, coffee costs just about 75 cents. If you earn a very high salary while living in Cambodia, you can get to live a very rich life. Because with not up to $1,000 a month, you can live a highly comfortable life in the country. Please visit www.cambodiaimmigration.org for more information about the different visas available for you and a detailed description of the process of immigration to the country.


More On 10 Asian Countries That Are Immigration Friendly-


4. Vietnam:

Some good reasons to consider migrating to Vietnam include the ease of obtaining a visa to live and work in the country, the beautiful natural sceneries in the country like the beaches, and their amazing cuisines. Vietnam is very popular worldwide for its mouthwatering cuisines from their very good and simultaneously cheap beers to their banh mi sandwiches, to their Pho, etc. What’s not to like about Vietnam as a foreigner? You can migrate to the country by obtaining a Work Visa. Please visit www.vietnam-immigration.org.vn for more information on immigration policies and visa processes.

5. Indonesia:

Indonesia is also another insanely cheap country to migrate into. Apart from the huge benefit of it being cheap, it also has very relaxed immigration policies and the country is very open to foreigners. With a budget of about $1,500 a month, you can live comfortably in Indonesia. Popular beautiful places in Indonesia include Bali and Lombok which is an island. Indonesia has beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and beautiful works of nature. To immigrate to Indonesia, you need a VITAS, which is a temporary stay visa that allows you to live and work in the country for up to 2 years.


6. Thailand: 

The people here are friendly, cheap delicious food and beautiful culture and is one of 6 Asian Countries That Are Immigration Friendly. Let this be on your list, I am sure you will not regret it. It is very easy to come up with a long list of pros for this country.


7. Malaysia 

8. Japan

9. Singapore

10. South Korea: this country is filled with great attractions. The average cost to live in Japan is reasonable. and it is a beautiful place to live. 


Bottom Line- 

Not all Asian countries are immigration friendly but the four countries we recommended above, are definitely very friendly to the immigration of foreigners into their countries. Make sure to follow all the procedures and guidelines stipulated by their immigration offices to make your immigration process smoother and on the right side of the law.


In conclusion, these are the few countries that are immigration friendly in Asia. Do you know which country you feel should stay on this list or which should go out of the list? Do you also know which country should be on this list? please share with us in the comment area. 


Thank you for reading.



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