Best And Worst Things About Living In Germany

Best And Worst Things About Living In Germany
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In today’s blog, we will be talking about the Best and Worst things about living in Germany, Germany is known for a lot of things, free-tuition universities, high-quality education, cultural diversity, and so on. This Country is an interesting place to stay, and for this reason, I have put together the best and worst things about living in Germany.


Here Are The Best And Worst Things About Living In Germany


The Best Things To Know About Living In Germany

1. Germany is a safe Country – The cities in Germany are safe to live in. And this country is a very safe country to travel to. The crime rate in Germany is relatively low and the law is strictly respected.

2. Clean – Germany is a clean country.  Actually, it is classed as the tenth cleanest country in the world, and it is also the most technologically advanced country in the world.

3. Standard of living – this standard of living here is affordable if you have an average Job and do not want to live in cities like Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, or Hamburg.

4. Summer in Germany is great – there is always a festival almost every weekend in the local area in one form or another, cycling trails, open-air cinema, concerts, outdoor pools, etc.

5. Environmental awareness of consumers.

6. Education is free-ranging from school to the university level. This means an average German person is very well educated. Therefore, students are debt-free at the end of their university studies with a degree in hand.

7. Refugees are given refuge – if you are in genuine distress, and you are willing to integrate, yes you will be taken care of.

8. People do not carry weapons around –  it hardly happens.


Best And Worst Things About Living In Germany
Best And Worst Things About Living In Germany


More On The Best Things To Know About Living In Germany :


9. Super rich are taxed higher than the low and middle-income people.

10. Unemployed citizens get unemployment allowance – which includes heating and house rent allowance till they are able to get a job.

11. Retirement Allowance – Government offers retirement allowance for retired people and veterans.

12. Pregnant Women – when you become pregnant, you get 12 months maternity leave and your partner gets 2 months paternity leave officially.

13. Germany’s location makes it easy to get around other Countries – you can travel around other countries without needing to fly everywhere.

14. Many Businesses still accept cash.

15. Plastic bottles need to be returned after use and all trash has to be separated into categories of trash.



The Worst Things To Know About Living In Germany-


1. Infrastructure is poor compared to many other European countries, it could be better.

2. Germans are very risk-averse and are quite resistant to change

3. Here married couples without kids get tax breaks, is that fair? because the living cost is half of that of a single person.

4. Supermarkets are closed on Sundays

5. High-skilled professionals who are looking to migrate to Germany must consider learning German or migrate to some other countries which have a familiar language as the basis.

6. German is the first language at the workplace. So, if you want to live and work in Germany you must learn their language.

7. Life can be difficult living in Germany if you do not speak German.

8. Local trains and public transport and of course ticketing system are managed by differently in each city in a different way, there is no standard practice.


Best And Worst Things About Living In Germany
Best And Worst Things About Living In Germany



In conclusion, from experience, these are the pros and cons I can think of about living in Germany. Please do share with us what I have missed out on. And can you also share your experience of living in Germany, we would love to read from you.


Thank you for reading.


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