Why I Was Refused UK Visitor Visa From Nigeria

Why I Was Refused UK Visitor Visa From Nigeria
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In today’s blog, we will be talking about one of our reader’s ordeal about why he was refused a UK visitor’s visa from Nigeria. It goes,  I have been refused a UK visitor’s visa under paragraph v3.6.

It happens that I used to live in the UK from January 2002 to January 2008. Then I got married in the year 2007 in which after I apply for a settlement visa.  Then, initially, I was given a year visa, then I later apply for indefinite leave to remain permanent stay, during this time, my wife and I broke up and my application was been delayed at the home office.

Furthermore, I wrote to the home office to send my passport back, then they said your case is under process we can’t send your passport back, the reason I wanted my passport back was because of my dad’s health issue which was serious (later he passed away).

Reason Why I Was Refused UK Visitor Visa From Nigeria


So, when that happened I decided to go back home, I left the UK voluntarily, fast forward now I applied for a visit visa after 14 years. And UKVI just refused my visa and put 10 years ban and they said you have used deception. This got me confused.

The question asked in an online form is that have you ever been refused from the UK I answered no because I had never been refused I left voluntarily.
Please if anyone can help me with this issue, I will appreciate it, please what should I do?


Response – On Why I Was Refused UK Visitor Visa From Nigeria


I think you need to provide the detailed wording of the refusal. When they are 3.6, there is usually a paragraph explaining the deception as they see it.

You can send a photo of the letter but please hide your personal details including references.

But with your past immigration history you stated above, it will be hard if not impossible to be admitted again as a visitor to the UK.


In conclusion, this is just my opinion on the response based on what I read about the UK immigration ban. Does anyone out there have anything to add to this, or with any experience to share and how it was sorted? please share with us in the comment section. It will be of great help to others reading this.

Thank you for reading.


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