Top Business Ideas In Nigeria 2022

Top Business Ideas In Nigeria 2022
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In today’s blog, we will be talking about top business ideas in Nigeria 2022. You will discover here the top profitable and lucrative business ideas in Nigeria. These businesses you can start with as little as #10,000 and above depending on which caught your attention and how much you have to invest in it. So, this now leads us to list the Top Business Ideas In Nigeria 2022.

Here Are Top Business Ideas In Nigeria 2022


1. Solar Energy Sales and Installation- this is one of the hottest businesses right now you can invest in and make cool money. Especially with the power problem in Nigeria, this is something you should consider doing in Nigeria if you have the finance to start.


2. Digital Marketing Agency – with everything going on the internet, this is the real deal. It is one of the top business ideas you can do in Nigeria.


3. Working Space – this I have done before getting my own entire office, you can rent or buy a building then get separate rooms make them up as offices, and rent it out to different businesses. There are a lot of people out there that can not afford a full building for their small business, this will go in handy for them. You will charge per unit and of course charge for the service fee for providing everything the building needs to make their work go smoothly.


4. Mobile Food Vendors – also this is another good business you should consider if you are a woman especially. Nowadays that things have gone global and online, and a lot of people now get to work from home, and so busy that some hardly find time to cook for themselves and family, this is something to consider and make cool money from if you love cooking


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5. Social Media Management – This is a good one you can look into as well. Some people do not even have social media accounts, or some businesses are not online, you can search for such companies and offer to help them set up an online page and manage it for a fee. Also, you can manage already set up pages for companies for a fee.


6. Coaching/Training – you can be a teacher online, start teaching your favorite topics. Learn and the go-ahead to teach what you already know. You will make good money teaching.


7. E-book Publishing – if you are the type that likes writing, or are good at writing, you can write stories or anything that interests you manually or online, when start selling, you will be shocked that people buy e-books online a lot. Just make your story interesting or make it as what people will learn something from and it will sell fast.


Top Business Ideas In Nigeria 2022
Top Business Ideas In Nigeria 2022

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8. Home Tutor – There are many parents looking for experts to come to their homes and teach their children. So, this is something you should try if you are very good at teaching.


9. Waste Management business – this is another business that is underrated and it is a very good business you can consider in Nigeria.


10. Car Rental – it is a great business to consider, there are people out there that want to rent a car, especially people traveling from abroad with short stay and need a car to move around during their stay. Imagine how much you can make from them.


11. Become A Youtuber – I do not need to talk too much about this, we all know that people make money on youtube. Give it a try.


13. Printer/Photocopier – you can set up a center for this where people come to do their printing and photocopy. This definitely works great if you can set it up.


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14. Become An Influencer – influencers make money online. Just find your niche, something you love to do. As soon as you gather lots of followers businesses will start coming to you for advert placement, then the money starts coming in.


15. Set Up A Daycare – definitely, this will work great. There are lots of families/parents out there very busy, and looking for a good place to drop their kids off while they go to work.


16. Photographer and Edit Expert – If you are a good photographer and you are very good at editing, yes this is a very good business for you.


In conclusion, let me know which of these you like to go into. We will like to hear from you about what you think about the businesses listed above.

Thank you for reading. 


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