10 Best Places To Visit In Hawaii 2022/23

10 Best Places To Visit In Hawaii 2022/23
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In Today’s blog we will be talking about 10 best places to visit in Hawaii 2022/23. Hawaii is America’s 50th state of Volcanic Archipelago located in the heart of the pacific ocean and it was the last state to join the U.S in 1959.

The islands still retain much of their unique Hawaiian identity due to all of the magnificent scenery it’s worth spending as much time as possible outdoor dues to its beautiful scenery.

10 Best Places To Visit In Hawaii 2022/23
10 Best Places To Visit In Hawaii 2022/23

Now Lets look At The Best Places To Visits In Hawaii –

10. Molokai –  is one of 10 best places to visit in Hawaii – That said, not all of Hawaiian islands have been develop at the same pace, so Molokai is one of the least developed but most scenic island in the state known as the friendly isle Molokai has a unique history and the most famous attraction on the island is the kalaupapa national historic park which once served as a leper colony, today most visitors come to Molokai for the history and the pristine undeveloped beauty.


9. Hapuna Beach – is another beautiful place of 10 best places to visits in Hawaii. The big island of Hawaii is home to a number of beautiful beaches. And one of the best is Hapuna beach with a long stretch of fine white sand and it is easy to find a spot away from other beachgoers. This place is a tough choice for families and you can make the most of your beach day by bodyboarding or swimming and so on.


More On 10 Best Places To Visit In Hawaii 2022/23-


8. Oahu’s North Shore – This Island of Oahu is the most visited of the Hawaiian islands, most visitors always head straight for the capital city of Honolulu, the island’s north shore is a little less touristy and it offers some great beaches.

If you are into surfing then you might already know that the north shore boasts of some of the best winter waves in the world head to banzai pipeline to watch world class surfers and even championship contests.


7. Kaanapali Beach – here on the western coast of Maui is Kaanapali beach which is found just outside the tourist hub known as the Hainan the gorgeous white sand beach boasts a number of rock monument, many of which have historic or religious significance to local Hawaiians the black rock is the most famous of this beach.

The beach also offers a stunning boardwalk just over 2 miles long where you can take a stroll and admire the stunning view of the pacific ocean.


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Other Must Visit Places In Hawaii are as follows:

6. Na Pali Coast – is one of 10 best places to visit in Hawaii and is a coast dominating and defining the northwest of kawaii the napali coast. It is also Hawaii most famous and most photographed sites its gigantic jagged cliffs rise to 1200 meters above the sparkling waters of the pacific ocean with scenic beaches and coves hidden below as the rugged terrain is so inaccessible.


So,  the only way to visit is by hiking kayaking or helicopter with phenomenal panoramas wherever you look while it is famed for having featured in Jurassic park the grand and gorgeous stretch of coastline has appeared in numerous films and tv shows for many years.




5. Lanikai Beach is one of the best 10 places to visit in Hawaii – if you are after paradise on earth then head to Lanikai beach located on the eastern coast of Oahu. Lanikai beach is a 30mins drive from downtown Honolulu, however it feels like a complete different world. And it is a half-mile stretch of coastal beauty with white sand blue water and shade from the occasional palm tree makes this a stunning place to explore.

More On 10 Best Places To Visit In Hawaii:

4. Honolulu – no trip to Hawaii would be complete without spending time in Honolulu, This city is the largest city in the island chain the state capital and a bustling exciting place to explore and there is no shortage of things to do but Waikiki is a popular choice for tourists and local surfers alike.

And  for amazing views of Honolulu, climb up to the summit of the diamond head crater which overlooks Waikiki. And do not forget to visit pearl harbour where the uss Arizona memorial is the poignant centrepiece.


3. Haleakala National Park – haleakala is a shield volcano that forms more than half of the island of Maui and also known as the east Maui volcano. The summit tops more than ten thousand feet at its peak. The area surrounding the volcano is haleakala national park much of the park revolves around the enormous crater which is comparable to a lunar landscape. There are also a lot of pools around where you can cool off while on trail. Beautiful place.


More On 10 Best Places To Visit In Hawaii 2022/23-


2. Hawaii Volcanoes – This is one of the best 10 places to visit in Hawaii, and is set on the big island in the pacific. Hawaii volcanoes national park encompasses Mauna loa, this gigantic volcano has a summit that surprisingly it is sometimes has snow cover. and the national park also features volcanic coasts made from cool lava flows, rich rainforests ,

magnificent green meadows in the mountains and geological formations such as lava tubes Kilauea a shield volcano in the national park has erupt as recently as 2018.

Meanwhile, last eruption literally change the shape of the park itself. There are lots to see in this park, it remains open but there are some areas understandably closed.


1. Waimea Canyon – This is also known as the grand canyon of the pacific. This is one of the most amazing places to visit in Hawaii. And the staggering size draws definite parallels to the grand canyon but Waimea canyon may be even more beautiful thanks to the plenty of greenery among the desert-like landscape, and clouds often roll in during the afternoon. So the clear mornings are the best time to explore the canyon.

Finally, I hope you have enjoy reading this, and planning your next travel to Hawaii. Do not forget to share your thoughts about what you think about a trip to Hawaii. And if you also have more to share with us about Hawaii please share in the comment section. Thank you.


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