Things To Know About Living In Malaysia As A Foreigner

Things To Know About Living In Malaysia As A Foreigner
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Today, we will talk about Things To Know About Living In Malaysia As A Foreigner, me and my family have lived in Malaysia for a year now, and we thought it might be really helpful sharing some of our experiences in Malaysia as a Foreigner from Nigeria.

Furthermore, Malaysia is a beautiful and wonderful Country with great culture. And this Country is located in southeast Asia, Malaysia has one of the most open economies in the world, which is not doing bad. And it is a safe Country to visit, it is also a Country where you are unlikely to experience violence, but you need to be careful when it comes to petty crime as the rate is high. But overall it is a Country worth visiting.


Things To Know About Living In Malaysia As A Foreigner
Things To Know About Living In Malaysia As A Foreigner

Now That Brings Us To The Tips To Know About Living In Malaysia –

1. Food – Food is an important part of Malaysian culture, if you attend any even or social activities there will be food involves. Malaysians love food, so do we.

2. Friendliness – Malaysians are friendly people towards foreigners, so do not have fear thinking how the people will treat you when you visit Malaysia and they are also willing to assist you if you need help about anything.

3. Left Driving Country – This Country is a left-driving Country, this will take some time getting used to if you are from a Country with right hand driving. And if you are not driving yourself then its okay.

4. Malaysian Mattresses – Mattresses in Malaysia tend to be firm, if this is not your type, then you will be able to buy a mattress topper to help out.

5, Malaysia Development – This Country is a more developed Country than many of its neighbours, the country is very modern and have many infrastructure. It is definitely not a third world Country.

6. Language Speaking – In Malaysia, English is widely spoken by the Malaysians, so you will have no problem communicating here, the English level varies by area, but almost everyone speak the basic English.

7. Here Also Pedestrians Do Not Have The Right Of Way – You need to be careful when you are crossing the street or the road, you never know when a car just come running down and the driver might not slow down.

8. And People Don’t Wear Shoes Inside The House – You will have to leave your shoes outside the house, mosque, temple, businesses etc.

9. Multi Cultural Country – Malaysia is full of different ethnicity, people from different backgrounds and ethnicity.

10. Food Courts Are Common – mostly outdoors, where you can eat varieties of food sold by many sellers in different stores, its called food Courts.

11. Also, Malaysia Has Religious Diversity – There are many religious in Malaysia, Islam is the most common, there are churches, temples and mosque in the Country.

12. Malaysian Currency Is The Ringgit – they come in 4,5,10,15,20 and 100 notes.

13. It Is also Common To Wash Your Hands Before Eating – They usually have a sink in the eating area where you can wash your hands.

14. Motorcycles are common – you will see them everywhere.


More On Things To Know About Living In Malaysia As A Foreigner


15. Free Soda Refills At Restaurants are rare – you hardly see any refill of drinks anywhere in the food area.

16. Bargaining Is Not Common – they hardly bargain for things here.

17,  They Eat with fingers – they often eat with there fingers rather than with spoons or fork.

18. Malaysia Could Be More expensive for tourist.

19. Also, Dishwashers, Ovens, And Clothes Dryers and not as common.

20. Even Public transportation is good.

21. And Internet Browsing  is Easy

22. Internet is reliable

23. The Weather Is Hot

24. Also, The Crime Rate is low.

25. Shopping malls are abundant



Still More Things To Know About Living In Malaysia As A Foreigner

26. And Healthcare is Inexpensive and high quality

27. Healthcare prices are usually set

28. Medical appointments are usually widely available

29. Natural Disasters are rare

30. Also, It Can Be Cold On Public Transportation

31. Malaysia Is A Good Place For Exploring Asia.

32. Apartment Rentals Often Include Furnitures. Either you like it or not.

33. Also, Malaysia Has Severe Penalties For Drugs – So be careful not to bring drugs or buy them in Malaysia.

34. International Schools Are Widely Available In Malaysia – if you have kids and prefer for them to go to international school, then there are many of them.

35. Finally, Malaysia Ranks High On The Global Peace Index List.


In Conclusion, I hope you have learnt one or two things here about Malaysia, if there is anything we missed out and you like to share with us, please feel free to comment in the comment area.

Thank you for reading.


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