How To Start An NGO In Nigeria – Step By Step

How To Start An NGO In Nigeria - Step By Step
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Today we will be talking about how to start an NGO in Nigeria – step by step to owing one, registering the foundation with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) and fees to pay.

How To Start An NGO In Nigeria - Step By Step
How To Start An NGO In Nigeria – Step By Step

How Do You Start A Foundation In Nigeria

First of all, On How To Start An NGO In Nigeria – Step By Step , you need to make a plan, and set the activities your foundation will be involve in, to start an NGO, write a plan, your purpose, belief, and your organisation’s mission.

Then you need to find a name for you foundation, then get the trustees, personnel(s) you can trust, making sure he or she is not less than 18 years of age, and they do not have any conviction of any previous offence.

After that get a solicitor you can trust that will help you with any information and picking of available names you can use, and help with the whole process till the end.

The Solicitor will also help with the publication of notice of the NGO in few daily newspapers to circulate the area your NGO will be based.

Furthermore, drafting a constitution which will also be done by the solicitor but with your presence. Now, the solicitor will compile all documents for filing.

Then,  the solicitor will file and submit all documents with the CAC for the incorporation of the organisation.

Finally, when all these are done, the Corporation Affairs Commission will then issue the certificate of incorporation to the organization through the solicitor.

When you have finish with all these, you can then go ahead to open an official bank account for your organization.


Furthermore, some people often ask if there is any different between an NGO and a foundation?

There is actually hardly any difference, because an NGO or a foundation cannot be registered. From the legal viewpoint, NGO has one of the 3 entities, which are either –

  1. A Society or a not-for-profit organisation
  2. Foundation
  3. Public Trust

Under the income Tax Act, all three entities are tax exempt entities.


How To Start An NGO In Nigeria - Step By Step
How To Start An NGO In Nigeria – Step By Step


How Much Can You Register A Foundation In Nigeria

The amount to pay is different, its case by case basis, as there is no exact amount you need for registering an NGO. Meanwhile, registering an NGO in a correct way cost between #120,000 and #400,000.

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More On How To Start An NGO In Nigeria – Step By Step-

What Are The Documents Needed To Register An NGO

  • Two passport photographs of the Trustee(s)
  • A formal letter of application
  • Two copies of the application form signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the body or association
  • Bank draft for the prescribed fee
  • Original newspaper publication
  • A seal of the association on the application form
  • Evidence of property acquisition for the organization or undertaking in lieu of property acquisition
  • Two copies of the applicant’s constitution
  • Residential Addresses and signature of the trustees on the application form
  • Extract of the minutes of the general meeting appointing the trustees listing all members present at voting pattern
  • Trust declaration form duly deposed to by each trustees in the application form

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Another Question Asked Is Can A Single Person Start An NGO?

No, you need at least two people to start a NGO in trust registration and at least seven people in society registration.  And note, you and a family member could be either as well.

In Conclusion, all these said, what are you waiting for, go ahead and start you application for your NGO. Any more questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

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