Easiest Schengen Countries To Get A Schengen Visa 2022

Easiest Schengen Countries To Get A Schengen Visa 2022

In Today’s post we will be talking about Easiest Schengen Countries To Get A Schengen Visa 2022. And the possibility of you getting it faster. So, if you have been pondering about applying to any Schengen Country and thinking about which Countries visa to apply for, you have come to the right place.

A lot of people have been asking me about the easiest way to apply for a Schengen visa, and I keep telling them that there are ways to do that, and in particular, there are some Countries particularly easier you can apply to.


Easiest Schengen Countries To Get A Schengen Visa 2022
Easiest Schengen Countries To Get A Schengen Visa 2022

That said, here are the Easiest Schengen Countries In The World To Get A Schengen Visa 2022 –

1. Lithuania – This Country is one of the easiest Schengen Countries you can apply to to get a visa from. It has a low record of visa rejection since 2018 till now and about 98% applicants that made application got their visas approved. So if you have Lithuania embassy in your Country, you might want to look into trying their visa out.


2. Estonia – Estonia is another Country that is easy to get visa, according to the 2019 visa rejection rate, this Country has low rejection rate for visa application, 1.6% of visa application were rejection, which means majority of applicants were granted visa, which is a good thing. So, If you have this embassy in your Country, good news for you.


3. Finland – This Northern European Country is a beautiful Country to visit, despite the high number of applicants annually, it is still a easy Schengen Country to get a visa from. Finland has only rejected 1.7% visa applications, so there is high chances of getting your visa application approve in Finland.


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4. Iceland – is one of the Schengen Countries to obtain your visa application from. This Country has received the lease visa application since 2018 till now and they have only rejected 1,7% application from that year 2018 till now, as you can see there is high possibility of applying  and get your visa to visit this Country.


5. Latvia – is another easiest Schengen Countries to get a Schengen Visa 2022, this Country has only rejected 2.1% visa application from 97.9% of all visa application which mean there is a good chance of getting a visa from Latvia, if this embassy is in your Country, give them a try.


6. Poland – this is another Schengen country with only 3% rejection on visa application, What does that mean, it means it is a good place for you to apply for your visa with high rate of it getting an approval.


7. Luxembourg – This Country is a small European country that is part of Schengen and is border to France, Germany and Belgium, that means if you visit Luxembourg, you can easily enter into France, Germany and Belgium as they are close by. And it has 2.7% low rate of visa application rejected, which is a good thing.


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8. Slovakia – this is one of easiest Schengen Countries to get a Schengen Visa 2022. This Country has only rejected 4.2% of visa application, which is a very low rate. So you can look into this Country if you have the Embassy in your Country.


9. Greece – is another Country that you can easily get your visa application approved.  91.4% application was approved last year alone, so this is a good Country you might want to try out if you have a Greece embassy in your Country of resident.


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10. Malta – This is another Country you can make your application to if you have the embassy in your Country. They have low rate of visa application refusal. Give it a try.


In Conclusion, do you know of any more Schengen country with easiest visa application approval, please share with us. And do you have an experience you will like to share, please drop it on the comment section.

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