Can I visit USA After Voluntary Departure

Can I visit USA After Voluntary Departure
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I am wondering if can I visit USA after voluntary departure from the Country. My story goes like this, I will appreciate if anyone has experience of this sort before.

It happens that I went to the United States back in 1998 on a tourist visa. Then after I changed it to an F1 visa to study, then I studied until 2005-06. Got my bachelor degree.

Furthermore, in 2007 I was detained for overstaying in the Country and started a very very long journey of court procedures for removal. Then, in 2006 I married my US citizen girlfriend, applied for asylum and green card.

To cut the Long story short, I went to the court several times, it was most stressful time of my life, getting tired of the whole thing then I decided to voluntarily depart from the USA and dropped both cases.


Can I visit USA After Voluntary Departure
Can I visit USA After Voluntary Departure


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After all that, I Left the country on June 2013 to my home Country. Then, I got a Job.
I have been working for an American company since 2013 in different countries and continents, as It is a Job that takes me around.
Later, then I apply for visa for a conference in 2013 and was denied due to lack of ties to country of residence
Moreover, I remarried in 2013 and moved to France working for the same Company. I n 2014, my Company requested I apply for another visa to go to Germany, I got a 10 years visa, but later my company cancelled my trip for some reason I understand.
Now my job would like me to move to the USA to work there by applying for an L visa.

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So my question is:

Can I visit the USA soon on the B1/B2 Visa that’s still valid or should I worry about a 10 years ban that nobody ever mentioned to me when I voluntarily left the USA. And does anyone think I will get the visa knowing that on my interview I did not hide anything from the embassy. Because I talk to them about the voluntary departure and even provided the documentation for that etc.

Can I visit USA After Voluntary Departure
Can I visit USA After Voluntary Departure

In Conclusion, this is a site for any immigration gist or questions and answers. If anyone out there is going through any of this situation before and would love to share please send your email to

And If anyone out there have a response to this please drop it at the comment section we are all reading. 

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Thank you for Reading And Happy New Year.

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