Connecting History To Current Education

Connecting History To Current Education
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Reforms And Policy – on Connecting History To Current Education-

What do we mean by Connecting History To Current Education? The education reforms and the history of the education policies change in the US are vital to understanding the current issues in the education system. One of the most significant contributions to history in the education system is through a historical review of equality in education, with the Brown vs.


So, in connecting History To Current Education, the Education Board of Topeka being a landmark ruling that change the course of education in the country. With the intervention of the Supreme Court decision that made it illegal to have schools that were restricted to an individual race, the journey towards equality became possible because it edge closer to the freedom of all people of color who could not access education in the predominantly white schools.

The previous rules has been in existence for years because of the nation’s history of slavery which has contribution to segregation. However, as the country fought for equal protection of rights and the movements for civil rights grew dominant, the 1947 ruling of the Supreme Court set a precedence of equality.


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People of color is been lock out of schools in the best neighbourhoods and with the best facilities, contributing to disparities in education delivery as they had to do with the bare minimum that their poor neighbourhoods could afford.


Achievement – On More On Connecting History To Current Education

Ideally, this is the foundation of schools in the country, and each consecutive amendment in policy is gear towards achieving equal opportunities in schools.

Consequently, in the later years after this decision, there was a significant shift in policies that require the funding of schools by the states and the federal government.

However, the state government is remain mainly govern, and the federal government’s input has been minimal. The next improvement that sought equality in education was the 1975 Education of All Handicap Children Act (PL 94-142).

The Act is essential to the development of infrastructure that help to have all schools become inclusive.

The importance of inclusive education is vital because it offers the children who are otherwise challenged to school alongside their typically developing students. The impacts of this intervention are significant to the advantage of the handicap children because it helps them prepare for life after school.


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Also, one of the goals of education is to prepare students for adult life, and therefore, the Act provided a leeway to help the schools ensure they prepare otherwise challenged children to live in the adult world.

For schools that are currently inclusive, they have children with special needs such as autism who are allow to study with other children, not on the spectrum. Such integration helps the children with special needs gain the skills, confidence, and education they need to compete competently with other adults in the future.



In conclusion – The Gain Of Been A Teacher

So, In light of this development in education, I feel that becoming a teacher is part of my personal goals towards self-achievement. And in a world marr by corrupt individuals, class wars, and too many inequalities, schools provide the best chances of equality.

Each child has an equal opportunity in life, making it possible for them to be competent in the future base on their industry rather than class, race, or any other demography.

Moreover, my choice to become a teacher is influence by my experiences of inequality and being a teacher helps me play a critical role in securing the future of society. Children who are have help in the right moral path and whose education opportunities offer an unbiased path, not one charter by other influences that do not support equality, will create an equitable society in the future.

Therefore, being a teacher helps to impact children’s lives in the most important ways, although the outcomes are base on the hope that this will happen to the benefit of society in the future.

It is a selfless goal whose achievement is not personal, but with the satisfaction that I provide the best opportunities for all children is a sense of self-fulfilment that cannot be outdone by any materialistic or egocentric achievements and accolades.

Therefore, the side of history that I chose to underscore, the development of equal opportunities in education, significantly influences my decision to be a teacher. The fact that the US is becoming inclusive and offers the best education opportunities gives me the motivation to provide the best services to my students.

Finally, have you enjoyed reading this. Please share your opinion about what you think.

Thank you for reading.

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