Ways To Make Money In Abuja Nigeria

Top Business Ideas In Nigeria 2022
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Ways To Make Money In Abuja Nigeria


Here we will talk about ways to make money in Abuja Nigeria, Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and its in the middle of Nigeria. The city was built in 1980s, and it is dominated by Aso Rock which is behind the presidential complex, and it houses the residence and offices of the Nigerian president.

Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, with good weather, beautiful landscape and many business opportunity but the cost of living is very high. That brings us to what kind of business or what are the ways to make money in Abuja.


Ways To Make Money In Abuja Nigeria
Ways To Make Money In Abuja Nigeria

Furthermore, we will now go straight to ways to make money in Abuja Nigeria –

1. Transportation Business – this is one of the good business you can invest in or start in Abuja, there is no way you will be in transportation business in Abuja and lose. A duly registered transportation company in Abuja, that offers a very comfortable rides to customers will make cool money on a daily bases. People will always move around, of even move from Abuja to other cities. So, transportation is a great business to look into, if you are a business minded person, and love this, try to look into it.


2. Virtual Office Business – This is another great business you can look into if you have the money to invest. This requires you buying an office building or building it and set it up as different offices to let out to different small businesses, in which you receive rents on yearly or monthly bases.


3. Air BNB – this is a great business opportunity, just like mini hotels, you have houses and put them up for short lets just like home away from home, you will make them into homes and put them up for short lets, this make your customers feel like them are at home.


4. Event Hall & Tent, Trampoline rental – Another good business opportunity, another way to make lots of money, get into this and see you blooming.


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5. Food Business – Either fresh food or cooked food, anything food, moves like water, having a restaurant and food ordering and delivery is moving really fast and fast growing in Abuja.  People eat everyday, so food business any where must work. If that is your kind of area, then go for it you can not go wrong.


6. Real Estate & Construction – I do not need to talk too much about this, as the name speaks for it self. Real estate is the in thing. If you do have money, invest in this business and watch your bank account grow into millions in future.



Ways To Make Money In Abuja Nigeria
Ways To Make Money In Abuja Nigeria



7. Taxi Drivers – This is another way to make money in Abuja Nigeria, get a car and start driving it yourself, as Abuja have some of the highest earning entrepreneurs with some drivers making around 15, 000 naira daily.


8. Poultry Farming – which is another good business you can go into and not regret, but it requires patience. It is one of our Ways To Make Money In Abuja Nigeria.


9. Fitness Centres and Gym – Another business opportunity growing really quickly.


10. Bridal Shop – This is not a common business in Nigeria, you can set this up and only sell imported bridal wears including bridesmaids and so on.

Others Businesses You Can Do And Others Ways To Make Money In Abuja Nigeria-



Frozen Foods

Salon Business

Car Wash service

IT Support  and repairs of laptops, phones, computers

Personal Trainer


See More – https://www.booking.com/placestostay/city/ng/abuja.en-gb.html

In conclusion, these are great business opportunities you can do in Abuja, and more. Do you have another way you would like to add to the list or remove from the list please share with us at the comment section.

I hope this helps someone out there.

Thank you for reading.

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