How To Relocate To Canada In 2 Weeks – Through IMP

How To Relocate To Canada In 2 Weeks - Through IMP
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How To Relocate To Canada In 2 Weeks – Through IMP

Here today we will talk about how to relocate to Canada in 2 weeks – through IMP (International Mobility Program). Every year millions of people move to Canada in search of good life and Job opportunity. Meanwhile, moving to Canada to work is not as easy as we all know, so many people who want to move to Canada find it hard and difficult getting visas and so on.

Moreover, getting a Job in Canada from your home Country is quite difficult as we all know, because the employers will have to get a positive labour market impact assessment (LMIA), before they can bring anyone from outside the Country Canada to come and work in Canada.

Furthermore, we will talk about a way you can come to Canada without going through the labour market impact assessment (LMIA)-

  1. No LMIA needed
  2. Also no IELTS
  3. No time wasting like waiting for close to a year for your application to be approved
  4. And no age limit
  5. No BSC level of education require, you do not need a bachelor degree or masters
  6. High school education is enough
  7. You can move to Canada in 2 weeks to work, sound too goo to be true right


More On How To Relocate To Canada In 2 Weeks – Through IMP


Now we will talk about the special program you can apply for that will allow you to be able to move to Canada and work:

International mobility program (IMP) – is an immigration program that allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers on account of work permit without the need of labour market impact assessment. Under the IMP, Canadian employers will not have to obtain LMIA  to hire and bring in a foreign worker to come and work in Canada if the position serve Canada cultural and economic interest.

The application process and processing time for international mobility program is quicker and simpler than that of the temporary foreign workers program as it does not require an LMIA labour market impact assessment.

Some of the Canadian immigration streams that fall under the international mobility program includes the following –

  1. The graduate Work Permit Program
  2. Reciprocal Youth Exchange Agreements – like international experience Canada
  3. Intra-Company Transfer Program
  4. International Free Trade Agreements
  5. Circumstances of social or Cultural benefits to Canada
  6. Bridging Open Work Permit


Now who is eligible to apply for International Mobility Program?

The following category of people are eligible to apply for the international mobility program on – How To Relocate To Canada In 2 Weeks – Through IMP.

1. Those entering Canada as part of trade treaties, such as the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement(CUSMA) or the comprehensive economic trade agreement (CETA).

2. Those entering Canada as intra-company transferees

3. the people that are entering Canada on an open work permit-  Open work permit (all you need to know) enable a person to work for any employer for a specify period of a time. it is an open restricted permit, like restricting the occupational location but not the employer.

This kind of permit can be issue to a foreign national exempt from a labour market impact assessment.

Furthermore, a foreign national may apply for this permit outside of Canada, or at a point of entering or after arriving in Canada as the program requires.


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Types Of Open Works Permit – on How To Relocate To Canada In 2 Weeks – Through IMP

1.  Those that are unrestricted and allow foreign nationals to work in any occupation

2. Those that restrict the occupation or the location

Open Work Permit may be issued with occupational restrictions depending on the applicant medical status or the location restrictions.

Depending on the category, e.g bridging open work permit under the prevention nominee class.

How To Apply For international Mobility Program –

To apply for this, an employer will have to submit a official Job offer though the IMP employer portal. And such employer must meet the requirement to hire a foreign worker through the international mobility program. once the employer has paid all the necessary fees and meet all the requirements, the employer will be issued with the employment number. After that such employer can offer you a Job through the IICC employer portal.


Meanwhile, if you have any relative or a connection in Canada that is willing to offer you a Job, tell them to do it through the IMP. Because this can be a great opportunity for you to enter Canada. And this program is also good for inter-company transfers. If your Company where you work in your home Country also have a branch in Canada, you can easily ask to be transferred to Canada to work through the program, international mobility program.


More On How To Relocate To Canada In 2 Weeks – Through IMP-


Foreign workers will require the number to make their application for work permit. If you are eligible and you make your application, you will get approval and thereafter you will receive a letter of introduction and a work permit from Canada Border Service office of work permit if you already live in Canada, if not, you can apply when you enter Canada.

From your Home Country, or wherever you are applying for, you will get your letter of introduction, then when you enter Canada, your letter of introduction will be exchange to work permit.


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Also know that, after you receive your letter of introduction for your work permit, it will not be enough to enter Canada,  you will need  to apply for your visitor visa or electronic travel authorisation (ETA) to be allowed to enter Canada. But depending on the type of work you will be doing in Canada, and where you have lived in previous years, temporary workers may have to undergo some examinations during the application process.

And once you have your work permit, visitors visa or ETA, then you can then move to Canada and start your new life and Job. You can also apply for your Canadian resident just after one year of living in Canada. You will also be able to move to Canada with your entire family under this program international mobility program. And add your dependent family under the Canadian residence application.

In which all of you can receive your permanent residence at the same time.


More On –

In conclusion, if you have interest or know anyone that would have interest in this program and moving to Canada, you can share this information. I hope this help someone out there. I hope you have enjoy reading this. 

Thank you for reading.

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