Top Easiest Countries To Get PR In Europe

Top Easiest Countries To Get PR In Europe
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Top Easiest Countries To Get PR In Europe


Here will are writing about Top Easiest Countries To Get PR In Europe. European countries are great place to settle in and live life, with captivating beauties, and lots of public facilities, and peaceful environment is sure giving people around the world a chance to relocate into Europe and make a living.

A lot of people dream of coming to Europe and at the same time require to get permanent residence to stay permanently in Europe. As permanent residency offer to make life of people easier, so it makes everyone want to have it. But permanent residency is not easy to have or get in all of Europe.

Furthermore, every Country have its own requirement and eligibility to apply for permanent residency, and one must fulfil those requirements to become a permanent residency of that particular Country. So, failure to fulfil those requirement will disqualify a person from getting the permanent residency.

Today, we will list Easiest Countries To Get Permanent Residency In Europe –

1. Austria- This is one of the easiest Countries in Europe to get permanent residency, having the residency of Austria, one can travel to any of the 26 Schengen Countries in Europe. 22 Countries out of the 26 Countries are with the European Union, and one can get access to them without any visa. With Austria residency, one can stay in the Country as long as they want, also after 10 years of residency, the citizenship is guaranty.


2. Italy – This Country is one of the beautiful Countries in Europe. And its easy to get your permanent residency here, To apply for a Italian residency, you must first apply for temporary residency, temporary residency is for 5 years, and you must stay in the Country for the whole 5 years to qualify to apply for the permanent residency.


Top Easiest Countries To Get PR In Europe
Top Easiest Countries To Get PR In Europe



3. Portugal – This is another Country where residency can be obtain easily, comparing to other Europe Countries. With this residency, one can stay the Country as desired and also be able to visit the Schengen areas, according to the law, the one holding the PR must stay in the Country for minimum of 14days every year.


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4. Belgium – To apply for a permanent residency in Belgium, one must pass a language test, what is accepted for the test is Dutch, German or French. And the most important thing is to maintain population registration for complete 5 years before neutralisation. And you must be staying in Belgium for several years to proof your registration before you can apply for permanent residency. Meanwhile, after you get your residency, one has no limitation to stay period.



5. Malta – Getting a permanent residency here is not that hard comparing with other European Countries. Malta have some requirements that must be fulfil before applying for permanent residency. The biggest requirement is to be able to purchase a property in Malta that cost over £220,000 in other areas like south of Malta, but if the person is residing around Northern or Central Malta then you must be able to purchase a property of £275,000 minimum to qualify to apply for permanent residency.


Top Easiest Countries To Get PR In Europe
Top Easiest Countries To Get PR In Europe

More On Top Easiest Countries To Get PR In Europe-


6. Spain – Is one of the easiest Countries to apply to get permanent residency, to get PR you must live in Spain for at least 5 years without interruption, with that been fulfil with other criteria, you will be given the permanent residency in Spain.

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7. Cyprus – This Country has several permanent residency programme that allow all non European Union citizens apply with certain criteria. The PR in Cyrus like other European Countries allow you to stay in Cyprus for as long as you want without any restrictions.


8. Greece – This Country has several options to which one can get permanent residency. One of the options is through investment, if you can invest the amount of £250,000, then you and your family can get the PR. Apply for permanent residency through this program takes about 3 months, and in some cases it is less than that.


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9. Latvia – is another Country you can migrate to easily. And after you have been granted your stay, there is no limit to how long you can stay in this Beautiful Country.


10. Switzerland – This Country is in central Europe where mother nature has been nurtured. The requirement to apply for residency is to be at the age below 55 years and one must not have any criminal record. And of the best thing here is that it is very fast to get your residency, but you will have to go through many screening and interview during the application. It takes 2-4 months to process your application, and if it goes through successfully, you can start to enjoy this Country.


In Conclusion, I hoped you have enjoyed reading this, do you also know a Country that is easy to migrate to and get your permanent residency that is not listed here, please feel free to share with us in the comment area. And do you know a Country you expect to be on this list and not on it, please also share with us.

And let us know what you will like us to write about next.

Thank you for reading.

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