10 Busiest And Largest Airports In Africa

10 Busiest And Largest Airports In Africa
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Here today we are looking into 10 Busiest And Largest Airports In Africa. Air travel is become one of the most dependable mode of transportation around the world over the years which brings us to talking about 10 busiest and largest airports in Africa, in which the situation in Africa is no different. As in a normal time, the aviation in Africa are usually full with lots of travellers. Travelling for a range of reasons. So, to consider how busy and large a airport is, there are many aspect to consider, like the number of passengers, the number of flights departure, and going and coming air traffic among others.


Meanwhile, here are the 10 Busiest and largest Airports In Africa –


1. Jomo Kenyatta international airport, Kenya – This airport was formerly called Embakasi airport and Nairobi International airport. It is Kenya largest aviation facility and the busiest airport in East Africa. There are two terminals at the airport, with terminal one in semi-circular orientation and division and divided into four parts, while terminal two is used by local oscario. Moreover, figure from the airport indicated that the airport handled nearly 9 million passengers in 2019, however the figure dropped significantly last year due to the pandemic.  And the Kenya government is targeting over 25 million passengers annually by 2025 on the expansion of the terminals.


2. Algiers Houari Boumediene international airport, Algeria – This is the main international airport serving Algeria. The airport has four terminals with a total of nearly 18.2 billion passenger capacity. And the terminal 4 of the airport which was open in 2019 has an surface area of 73 hectares which currently accommodate 10 million passengers a year. An estimate of 7.9 million passengers used the airport in 2019, however the figure fell drastically last year due to the pandemic.

10 Busiest And Largest Airports In Africa
10 Busiest And Largest Airports In Africa


3. Hurghada International Airport in Egypt – This is the only international airport in the city of Hurghada. The airport has a big surface area of  92,000 square meters. And the experts projection said it holds 13million passenger capacity per year after a recent terminal expansion. Also this airport is Egypt most engaged facility after Cairo international airport. Last year 2020, the airport received a little over 2 million passengers due to the pandemic.


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4. The Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport, Morocco – This airport is situated in the city of Casablanca, and close to downtown Casablanca. This airport has shown promising sign receiving 22.5 million passengers and witnessing a consistent 10.43% increase in 2018 which register as a new national traffic record. The key project of the air is been the million of dollars extension. The airport has witness sharp decline from 10million in 2019 reaching an annual passengers capacity of 2.9 million passenger in 2020 due to the pandemic, making the 7th busiest airport in Africa.


5. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Nigeria – This is one of the 10 Busiest And Largest Airports In Africa, based in Abuja, Nigeria capital city. The airport is named after Nigeria former President Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe. The airport was improved in 2017, however. further expansions are still been made. Currently 8 local carriers and 10 international airlines are still running daily schedule flights as well as several operators, The airport offer 5000 domestic and 2000 international passengers each day. The airport present carrying capacity is 7.5 million people per year.


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6. The Murtala Muhammed International Airport Nigeria – This is Nigeria principle airport located in Lagos state, Nigeria. The airport was named after sir Murtala Muhammed the fourth military ruler of Nigeria. There are 4 terminals and 2 runways currently serving the airport. However, a new terminal is set to be retrofitted to receive 15 million passengers per year when completed. This expansion can catapult the airport to the standard of one of the biggest airports in Africa.


7. Bole International Airport, Ethiopia – This is another one of 10 Busiest And Largest Airports In Africa. And it is Ethiopia busiest and largest airport. Bole has its facility upgraded, particularly the new terminal which has been incorporated with 22 million passengers per year capacity.


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8. Cape Town International Airport, South Africa – This is one of the 10 Busiest And Largest Airports In Africa. For 6 consecutive year, Cape Town International Airport is been crown the best airport in Africa. This airport is South Africa 2nd busiest and the fourth busiest in Africa. It is the principle international airport serving the people of cape town. In 2019, the airport handled approximately 11 million passengers however this figure dropped to 4 million last year.


9. O.R Tambo International Airport, South Africa – This airport is one of the most engaged on the continent. Gauteng and loaded with a combined accommodation capacity of 28 million passengers per year. It operate both domestic and international flights.


10 Busiest And Largest Airports In Africa




10. Cairo International Airport, Egypt –  It is one of the 10 Busiest And Largest Airports In Africa and it is Egypt busiest Airport. It got a spectacular opening of the 211,000 m square terminal which 3 more doubled the capacity of current facilities bringing the total number of passengers to 22million per year which is an impressive figure for its size. There are 3 terminals at the airport, and 3 runways which each of a 60m wide open and single freight terminal. Egypt aviation is currently the busiest in Africa.

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In conclusion, I have you have enjoyed reading this. Do you know any more busiest airports in Africa, please share with us in the comment area. Thank you for reading.

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