How To Get Attestation Of Your Certificate In Nigeria

Attestation of Certificate
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Are you a Nigerian In Nigeria or abroad and want to know how to get attestation of your certificate in Nigeria, , do you need to know about Attestation, eligibility and Authentication of your certificate (s) in Nigeria, then this post right here is for you.

Certificate attestation in Nigeria is a necessary requirement for immigration and emigration.

Moreover, It entails you are a legitimate person or company visiting or travelling out of Nigeria with no dangerous intentions. It is evidence that your documents are true and can be allow to use in the Country.

Before you can study abroad or seek employment abroad, it is mandatory that you authenticate your documents. What about those who studied abroad and wants to also do same in Nigeria, then you are at the right place.

The process of attestation is carried out at the Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja and the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This type of process is carried out by the Accreditation and Evaluation Division of the Federal Ministry of education which is at the 8th Floor room 801, 802 and 803 of the building.

The activities are –

  1. Evaluation of both Local Foreign Qualifications for employment and admission purposes.
  2. Authentication of academic and professional qualifications awarded in Nigeria for study abroad.
  3. Issuing of eligibility letters for candidates wishing to travel abroad for studies and employments purposes.
  4. Issuing of no objection letter to institutes or other educational outfits.


  • Degree certificate
  • Letter from a government department
  • Photocard driving licences
  • Transcript
  • O’Level certificates (5 credits including English & Mathematics in at least 2 sittings)
  • International Passport
  • Admission letter
  • Letter from a hospital/doctor


  • SSCE result issued by WAEC, NECO, NABTEB & NBAIS
  • O’Level certificates (ND, HND, DEGREE, MASTERS & Ph.D)
  • Transcript
  • ID card (for professionals such as Nursing, Doctors, Medical Laboratory)
  • Amount to be paid; 300.00 per page


  • The first to do is to Authenticate your documents first before you start with eligibility letter.
  • Then the eligibility for undergraduate programmes: candidates must have 5 credits including English mathematics in at least 2 sittings
  • Also eligibility for Masters programmes: candidates must possess bachelor’s degree from Nigerian tertiary institutions,
  • Eligibility for Ph.D programmes: candidates must possess master’s degree from Nigerian tertiary institution.
  • Amount to be paid is 500.00 per letter.


Study or Seek Employment abroad: Certificate Attestation

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STEPS on how to get Attestation and authentication of certificates in Nigeria is listed below

1. Proceed to the Ministry of Education as above with the following documents;

WAEC/NECO, Bachelor’s Degree certificate, Post Graduate Diploma, Master’s Degree and Ph.D. which ever applies to you.

IF you do not have your WAEC/NECO Result, you can purchase scratch cards at the ministry to check result. The cards are like N300 each but there its sold at N600 each and printing is N150.

2. Then, Authentication Process form will be given to you.

3. You will need to make payment for all the document you wish to authenticate. This fee is 300 Naira per document. You will be ask to make payment via bank.

4. You will need to generate REMITTA ID to make payment to this bank account they will give to you. So locate a café to help generate that before proceeding to the bank.

5. Photocopy the teller and go ask of IPPIS or Revenue office (ground floor) there there they will collect the teller and sign o the photocopy.

6. Then,  you go back to 8th floor and submit then wait or they will tell you when to come back.

NOTE: Don’t laminate your documents yet cos they will sign and seal it

Keep in Mind:  Authentication of documents is Monday to Thursday, they don’t attend to people on Friday.

NEXT STEP is to go the Federal ministry of Foreign Affairs

  1. When you get there simply say you wish to authenticate your documents and that you have completed that of Education.
  2. They will collect your documents then ask you come back to collect it. The authentication is 1000 per document


Studying Abroad And Wish To Attestation Of Certificate- More On How To Get Attestation Of Your Certificate In Nigeria

Attestation of Certificate

The process is the same just follow it above. All activities are in the same office.


In Conclusion, we hope this information was helpful. And if you have anything to add that we mixed out please feel free to add in the comment section.

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