Graduate Route Visa With Scholarship From Nigeria To The UK

Graduate Route Visa With Scholarship From Nigeria To The UK
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I applied to Graduate Route Visa With Scholarship From Nigeria To The UK. Then, I graduated October 2020, have been staying in the UK under exceptional assurance. So, I have completed my degree, and I was fully sponsored by a scholarship while I was studying, which means it was beyond 12 months before the date of my application.

And one requirement from UKVI is i’f an applicant has, in the 12 months before the date of application, been awarded a scholarship or sponsorship by a Government or international scholarship agency, covering both course fees and living costs for study in the UK.

It is a validation requirement that they must provide written consent from the financial sponsor to the application for permission to stay in the UK as a Graduate.’

So I think I am eligible to apply for the Graduate visa and I completed the application to UKVI-

As a standard process, UKVI contacted my university to verify whether I’ve completed my programme. Then my university emailed me to fill in a form to provide the information they need for the verification, during which they asked a different question: ‘During your previous studies under your Tier 4/Student visa, were you fully financially sponsored for your studies?’ If yes, I need to upload the consent letter to the form designed by my university.

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As this is not the requirement from the UKVI (they removed the 12-months time frame), I went to speak to one staff from immigration advisory at my university today, they said this is the process for the university, no matter my scholarship was past 12 months or not, I still need to provide the consent letter.

Then, I asked them why they have extra requirement on top of the requirement from UKVI, they didn’t answer me directly, just asked me to write them emails to discuss this matter.

Meanwhile, I have friends in similar situation, but their university didn’t ask them for the consent letter. ( I also told the immigration staff at my university, but they seem didn’t care at all.)

It’s very unlikely my sponsor will give me the consent letter. So my question is how should I proceed with the verification process from my university?

Has anyone been in similar situation, if yes , how did you sort it out.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Response- Graduate Route Visa With Scholarship From Nigeria To The UK

You need to keep pursuing this question until the university realises they are wasting your time and theirs by asking for this. If the outcome of the discussion is that they still ask for this consent letter, speak to someone as senior as possible at the university, for example the Head of International or the Vice Chancellor.

And tell them that the university is blocking your Graduate visa application due to their own misunderstanding of the requirements, and ask them to investigate.

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To be reluctantly fair, it’s an outcome of the pandemic and exceptional assurance. The university will have never seen a situation where their recent graduate is still in the UK more than 12 months after the end of the course, having not yet made a further immigration application. However that is no excuse for adding this pointless and nonsensical requirement before they will endorse your application.

Which university is this? There must be other students having the same problem.

Question- on Graduate Route Visa With Scholarship From Nigeria To The UK


BTW, I’ve also booked an initial appointment with immigration lawyers. Do you think they can be helpful? It’s my first time to deal with this kind of issue, have no clues.



No. It’s not a legal matter, it’s just a weird university error. Best get help from the Students union.

In conclusion, are you out there in similar situation, please share with us. and have you got any question to ask about your immigration problem, contact us let put it out here for helping each other. Note we are just a forum discussion gist immigration blog not lawyers.

Thank you for reading.

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