Application Process For UK T5 YMS Visa

Application Process For UK T5 YMS Visa
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A question about application process for UK T5 YMS visa. It goes my boyfriend (23 from South Korea) is currently in the UK with no visa as he is able to travel here for six months on a six months visa. However, he wants to stay here for longer but would like to work on a T5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa.

Do you think that is possible?

For South Korean citizens, they have to apply for a ballot first in July, which will select 200 people for the scheme, and then they can apply for the visa and the following processes.

However, as he is currently in the UK we are wondering at which point in the process will he have to leave the UK for another country. Should he leave before applying to the ballot, before applying to the visa or for his biometric information.

Also we heard that he can apply from any country that is not the United Kingdom In that case, could he also collect his visa from any country or would he have to return home to collect it.

Any help is appreciated, as we are a little confused.

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Response on Application Process For UK T5 YMS Visa –

Note that he is here on a visa, he has a visitor visa, stamped in his passport for 6 months and no work or recourse to public funds.

So he needs to leave the UK before he applies for a tier 5 visa or any other Visa.

He can apply in any country where he has legal residence, but not in another Country or the UK as a visitor.

Also note that he should apply from his home country because of the different process involved with the ballot compared to other countries who qualify for tier 5 YMS.

In conclusion, hope this answers your question. Is anyone out there with an information to share about your immigration story, please feel free to message us let us share your story here, so others can learn from you.

Thank you for reading.

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