With UK ILR And Applying For Australia PR

With UK ILR And Applying For Australia PR
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I am with UK ILR and applying for Australia PR and I am confused I need to ask some questions.

It happens that me and my wife have our UK ILRs since 2019 in the UK, however, we are now looking for a way of stepping up the sticks and moving to Australia.

At the moment, we have not applied for UK naturalisation and still hold our Indian passports as we relocated from India.

Now, we have a few questions which we are hoping someone would be able to help us out with. Our question goes below-

1. Is it possible to hold the PR of Australia and UK-ILR at the same time?
2. Is the PR tied to the person and the passport i.e. if we were to get the Australian PR based on our Indian passport, the moment I apply for UK naturalisation, the PR will cease to exist?
2. Would it be better to get naturalised here in the UK first (so that there is a fall back option, just in case things don’t quite work out in Australia)?

Sorry too many questions :?. I will be happy if anyone can help with any information. Thank you.

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Response – More On With UK ILR And Applying For Australia PR

1. I am not sure why it should not be possible. If you live outside the UK for more than 2 years you lose your ILR anyway.
2. You need to check this with Australian authorities regarding what happens if you change your nationality
3. That is your call.


If you need more information try check on the Australia immigration website.

And if anyone out there also have any information to share about this or something else please feel free to comment.

Got any immigration questions to ask, get in touch with us on this forum let people that know what is up response to your questions.

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