How To Apply For UK Work Permit

How To Apply For UK Work Permit
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The Question for today is how to apply for UK work permit, I am wondering if anyone could help in this, I am a non EU citizen but I have EC or EU Permanent Residency. I have been offered a Job position in the UK with one of the technology companies.

Currently, I am based in Hungary but would like to ask if I need a UK work permit and if it is the case how long will it take me to get it even if I have EC or EU Permanent Residence.

Your response would be highly appreciated.

Response – How To Apply For UK Work Permit

Do you hold a permanent residence issued by an EU state other than the UK?

Question –

Yes, Permanent Residence was issued by Hungary since I have been living here for 10 years.


Your EU residency permit is irrelevant to the UK.

To come to the UK to work, you need a visa that allows you to work and a sponsoring employer. Skilled worker visa is what you should be looking at.


Check first of all if the company that offered you the job has a skilled worker sponsor licence: … sv/preview

Moreover, If they do, the company has to assign to you a “defined” Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). And this can be done in a matter of days. Once you have the CoS you can make a visa application online which may take a few weeks to process but can be expedited at an extra cost.

As part of the process you will have to provide your biometric data (photo, fingerprints).

This is done at TLScontact in Budapest.

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In conclusion, Hope you have enjoyed one of my readers questions and responses. If you have anything to add to this please feel free to comment below or ask away your question.

Thank you.

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