Fertility Treatment For A Spouse Not Covered By UK NHS

Fertility Treatment For A Spouse Not Covered By UK NHS
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Hi all, I just wanted to ask about fertility treatment for a spouse not covered by UK NHS. The reason is we have just been told by the hospital that the fertility treatment (IVF) my wife and myself require is not free on the NHS, even though I am a British Citizen (plus citizenship from an EU country), because my wife only has a Leave to Remain until 2024 card (via EAA Family Permit). This means we have to wait 3 more years until we can receive this treatment.
Do you know if this is correct as I am confused?

Response –

Yes Is Correct.

Question- On Fertility Treatment For A Spouse Not Covered By UK NHS

Thank you. Isn’t it kind of unfair if a British person wants kids but isn’t allowed to get this on the NHS because the wife isn’t a citizen/IRL person? It feels a bit discriminating to me, given that one parent would be a citizen.


Response –

On this page, we try to assist others through navigating the thicket of immigration rules as they *are*, not how we think they ought to be.

If you are so inclined, you can take the government through the courts to get the law re-interpreted or write to your MP to get the law changed. Or as a dual citizen, you could explore options for getting the treatment in the countries of your spouse’s or your other nationalities. And of course, you can choose to go private.

We are not lawyers. We only get our information through different immigration websites to share with you.


 Question –

Thank you for your response.

Do you happen to know if any other treatments, once my wife is pregnant, are also not covered because she only is an EEA Family Permit holder? E.g. ultrasounds, giving birth at the hospital, follow-up check-ups on the baby, etc. Are these costs then free on the NHS?


Response – More On Fertility Treatment For A Spouse Not Covered By UK NHS


Even those born British citizens can be billed at 150% of NHS costs for treatments. Some of these would have paid all their working taxes to the UK (40+ years) and have contributed for the hospitals to be built/equipment needed by the NHS. If anybody has grounds for complaint, it is these pensioners.

Brits find that paying for IVF can be cheaper in other countries, rather than paying privately in the UK. Some couples who can have free IVF on the NHS, pay for IVF in another country anyway, rather than watch time tick by while they wait for a turn on the NHS waiting list. Why don’t you check other Countries. Have a look to see if you will get a cost reduction for IVF and in your own EU country? Or whether they will fund all the treatment? The same with the country of your wife?


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In conclusion, I hope you have learned one or two things here today. Have anyone got anything to add or remove from this topic please feel free to share with us.

Thank you for reading.


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