Can My Application To Australia Be Granted Or Refused

Can My Application To Australia Be Granted Or Refused
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Hi Everyone, can my application to Australia be granted or refused, I am Jane from India Punjab. And I want to migrate to Australia for study and want help regarding visa application. Please can anyone tell me some major reasons that my visa can be cancelled by the embassy.

I have this fear that after making my application, it could be refused,  is there any kind of information or help any one can share in their views before I apply.

And what are reasons in which my student visas can be refused.



A student visa can be refused by any country for various reasons such as not enough money, not credible study project, adverse immigration history and so on. Then, once issued, it can be cancelled if the terms of the visa are not respected such as the bearer working and not studying.

Moreover, there is no point collecting all reasons why a visa can be cancelled. Try to find out if you are eligible and if not or what can you do to change your situation in order to fit within eligibility criteria. Often student visas are matter of not having enough funds. If you don’t have enough money, see with your authorities if there are students loans or other assistance for you to complete your project.

Also, consider what are your options AFTER the studies. In most countries, once your studies are over, you are expected to leave. I don’t know for Australia, but if your goal is to leave your country for good, you need to be careful with student visas. Pick up a country that offers options or facilities for students willing to stay. Otherwise, you may spend years and a lot of money then end up with a letter asking you to leave the country where you studied for years.

And I know hoe that feels.

More On Can My Application To Australia Be Granted Or Refused-

To be granted a student visa in Australia,  you must present yourself as a genuine student. If you have an intent to migrate and not studying, and the paperwork you present them suggests that, then they might not grant you a visa.

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Meanwhile what they look for are below:

1. Sufficient funds to live in Australia ($70 a day for the entire course + funds for flights back + tuition fees). You must prove you have the funds in total.
2. Intent to return home – family ties / property.
3. Genuine study reasons – if you are doing a Masters degree, it must be related to your undergraduate / or evidence that you’ve worked in the same field.
4. If you are doing a course with wanted skills in Australia (such as medicine / engineering etc.) then they might be more willing to grant a visa.
5. If you’re doing a course that’s a skilled type for which its not on the wanted skills list, they might scrutinise your application for chances you will leave the course and work full time instead.

After completing your education, Australia has made it hard to work in the country. You need to have a combination of education and work experience – and a company willing to sponsor you. If you don’t have that, the chances are bleak; as by law you need to provide hiring companies proof that you are entitled to work in Australia so that they don’t get fined.

So, if you have everything above ready then you can go ahead and make your application.

In Conclusion, hope all this help in making your decision. And you the readers if you have anything else you would like to add or remove from above please do not hesitate to share in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

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