Can I Use My USA Driving License In The UK

Can I Use My USA Driving License In The UK
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Hi travellersniche, I am wondering if she can use her USA Driving License in the UK.

My wife arrived in UK on 27 August 2021 on a spouse visa. And she is got her American driving license.

Regarding her American driving licence, can she drive temporarily for a year or so on her American driving license in the UK or does she need a UK provisional to drive with me accompanying her?

I will appreciate your response.



You can use this official website to asses the situation:

She has 12 months with the US driving license to drive in the UK.

But you will struggle to find an insurance on a foreign license. It’s nearly impossible.

More Question-

It seems crazy how she can drive for 12 months although she doesn’t know how to drive a manual! At least I can teach her though.

Am I right in thinking she can essentially use the 12 months to learn under my supervision before she needs to apply for a provisional then? Or can she only drive automatic cars?


To learn under your supervision, she needs 3 things:

– A DVLA Provisional License
– An insurance for learners
– L signs on the car

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I am not convinced she will find an insurance with a foreign license though or if possible it will be really expensive.

And as for you, anyone you practise your driving with (without paying them) must:

1. be over 21
2. be qualified to drive the type of vehicle you want to learn in, for example they must have a manual car licence if they’re supervising you in a manual car
3. have had their full driving licence for 3 years (from the UK, the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein)
You can be fined up to £1,000 and get up to 6 penalty points on your provisional licence if you drive without the right supervision here in the UK.

4. You can drive with as many passengers as the vehicle can legally hold.

5. It’s illegal for your friend or family member to use a mobile phone while supervising you. … or-friends

More on Can I Use My USA Driving License In The UK;

 Note that If your wife has an automatic license only, then that is all she can drive while here too, if she has a manual gearbox license, then even if she has forgotten how to change gear, she can drive one in the UK. You can teach her.

But before her US license year expires, she will need to apply for a UK provisional, and do the theory and practical so she can receive a full UK license. She can still drive on her US license without worry within the one year, while she is preparing for her UK test and has a provisional. it is best to apply for her UK provisional and do this asap, because if she fails the UK license, but still has her US one, she can still drive herself and you can still teach her, she can then retake her test and keep doing that until she passes it while still got US license with the year.

In conclusion, I hope this is clear. and to everyone if based in the UK, if you have got a question or anything to add to this topic please feel free to drop a comment.  Thank you.

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