Why Do Migrants Want To Come To The UK

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Why do Migrants want to come to the UK, even after they have made it to western Europe by crossing the channel and risking their lives in attempt to get into Britain. And what are some of the motivations that made a lot of migrants what to get into the UK.

So, I will start with the absolute basis, who or what is an Asylum Seeker? and how are they different from Migrants and Refugees.

I will start with a refugee- A refugee is a person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the Country of his Nationality and is unable or owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that Country ; or who not having a nationality and being outside the Country of his former Habitual residence as a result of such events is unable or owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.

Basically, A Refugee is when someone left their home Country for a genuine fear of their life. And an Asylum seeker is similar.

Asylum seeker is someone who seek refugee status but has not been granted it yet.

A migrant is someone who moved to another Country for work, but are not fleeing persecution.

Meanwhile, everyone has a right to claim Asylum, but does not mean will be granted.

And to apply for asylum in the UK, applicants will go through screening in which an immigration officer interviews the applicant about the reasons for their claim.

This whole application process can take 6months or a bit more, which means is not exactly quick.

And the Asylum seekers are held in the UK when their application is been processed because they can’t send someone who could be in danger home even if the danger has not yet been verified.

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But out of 100% of applications, only few are been granted Asylum Humanitarian Protection and discretionary leave UASC leave.

Home office also stated that the overall percentage of those been granted Asylum previous years differs greatly by Country of origin.

So, application from Libya or Syria have high accepting rate like 92%/97% respectively, while other Countries have low accepting rate.

For example, India has accepting rate of 4%,

Now you know the rate in which the Asylum is been considered.

But is UK the place to come to, why do Migrants want to come to the UK?

There are 5 Asylum applications per 10,000 people on the average in the United Kingdom while on the average in some Countries in EU there are 14 applications per 10,000 people.

More On Why Do Migrants Want To Come To The UK

It is difficult to assess reasons why Migrants Want To Come To The UK; However there are some key factors listed below-

  • Asylum Seekers are often more likely to speak English than other European
  • Sometimes Asylum Seekers already have friends or family in the UK
  • The UK has historical link to many Countries in the World unlike many European Countries linking refugees to the UK
  • UK is always regarded as save, tolerant and democratic Country, making an appealing choice

All that said, I still can see much serious reason why refugees like to come to the UK from the European countries they landed in flee through sea.

In conclusion, should the UK be more accepting of those who flee in fear for their life? or is not enough being done to separate those in genuine need and those who aren’t?
What are your thoughts? And thank you for reading.




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