Undocumented Immigrant Workers US

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Good News:$15,600 for Undocumented Immigrant Workers US – There is Free Payment For Undocumented Immigrant Workers In New York USA, and is all about the excluded workers fund, and news about the fund and what the fund is for –

1. What is the new fund –   What is the new fund, it is a $2.1 billion fund that was created to give up to 300,000 undocumented workers a one-time payment of $15,600 or $3,200. There is also going to be a level of tax deduction that will come out of this which is $780 for those who are eligible for $15,600 and for those eligible for $3,200 is going to be $160 from it.

Who does the fund targets, it targets immigrants who lost income due to COVID-19, then immigrants who Ineligible for unemployment benefits and immigrants who Ineligible for stimulus checks.

2. Who is eligible – To be eligible, you must be current residents of New York, live in NY before March 27,2020, lost part or all of your income due to Covid, earned less than $26,208 total in past year(12months).

Who is eligible lost income includes-

  • Lost Job
  • Lost Hours
  • Sick from Virus
  • Breadwinner dies during the pandemic
  • Disabled due to Covid

3. How much you will get Under Free Payment For Undocumented Immigrant Workers In New York USA-  Based on a two-tier system. The more documents you have to prove your eligibility, the more money you will get.

For example, who will get up to $15,600?

  • Prove of New York residency, and
  • Filed taxes in 2018, 2019,or 2020, or prove you lost income due to Covid.

Now who will get up to $3,200?

  • Those who do not have tax returns and can’t prove lost income due to Covid.

So, that means some people will get the required $3,200, despite the fact that they did not meet some of the requirements listed above for up to $15,600.

More On Good News For Undocumented Immigrants In The US –

4. What documents do you need – points system is used to prove your identity and residency. Points will be attached to each document.

How do you prove your identity, you need 4 points for this –

  • State driver’s license
  • State ID card
  • IDNYC card
  • U.S. Passport

Remember each documents is worth 4 points and non-expired is a must to have for the undocumented Immigrants.

Let see it this way, non-expired foreign passport(3 points), photo ID issued by NY Office of Mental Health (2points), If you have a marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth certificate, foreign Country, NYC parks and recreation card, foreign issued ID, diploma or transcript from a high school or college, each of these documents is (1 point).

Prove Residency:

a. Current resident and resident before March 27,2020

b. Your name and address must be on documents you summit.

c. If you have any of the non-expired NY state ID discussed above, you’re good.

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More On Free Payment For Undocumented Immigrant Workers In New York USA-

Everyone else, must submit two of the following documents below-

  • A utility bill
  • A lease, mortgage or property tax statement
  • Letter from New York City Housing Authority
  • A bank or credit card statement
  • A letter from a homeless shelter indicating that the applicant currently lives there
  • A letter from a non-profit organization that provides homeless services
  • Any other document the DOL commissioner deems acceptable.

And note that one of the above documents must be dated before March 27, 2020, and another dated no earlier than 30 days before the law goes into effect. Which is on the process now.

What You Need To Prove Lost Income – A 2018, 2019 or 2020 tax returns. If you have one you are good and eligible for $15,600. Filled using ITIN.

Moreover, if you do not have tax return,  you can use the employer letter documenting the dates of work and the reason you are no longer employed by the employer.

Or you can submit at least six weeks of pay stubs or wage statements from a six-month period prior to the date you certify you became eligible for these benefits.

Submit a W-2 or 1099 from the 2019 or 2020 tax year showing wages and income.

Or a wage theft prevention act notice given by the employer at the time of hiring showing the applicant was employed in the 6 months before becoming eligible for the benefits.


5. When can you apply Under Free Payment For Undocumented Immigrant Workers In New York USA- After state develops the rules. Might be months before the funds are distributed. Apply through the NY Department of Labor.

Also note that you don’t have to prove that you are lawfully present in the U.S to apply for as long as you qualify.

And also note that it is up to you fi you want to apply for it or not.

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