New Statement Of Changes In The UK April 2021

New Statement Of Changes In The UK April 2021
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There are latest changes on UK Immigration new statement of changes in the UK by April 2021. And please keep in mind that the new changes come into effect on 5th of April 2021.

Now we will talk about the important updates in the New Statement Of Changes In The UK April 2021-

1. Changes in skilled worker route minimum salary threshold-  Here the minimum salary must be equal or over 25,500 pounds annually,  which is 10.10 pounds and hour and standard rate for the occupation code.

Meanwhile, there are newly included occupations to the shortage occupation list below:

 Code – Occupation-

a. 1181——Health services and public health managers and directors

b. 1242 —— Residential, day and domiciliary care managers and proprietors

c. 3111 —— Laboratory Technicians

d. 6146 —— Senior care workers

e. 2213 —— Pharmacists

f. 2219 —— Health professionals not elsewhere classified

g. 6141 —— Nursing auxiliaries and assistants

h. 2221 —— Physiotherapists


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2. Update on global talent routes – The all new Global Talent route currently includes conditions where an individual has been awarded a esteemed prize listed in Appendix Global Talent.

And when an individual has attained a prestigious prize, and they do not obligate an endorsement to apply for this visa as they are believed to show exceptional talent through achieving the award.

Moreover, the following prestigious awards are accepted –

a. British Academy Film Awards(BAFTA)

b. Golden Globes

c. Tony Award

d. Nobel Award

e. Brit Award

f. Olivier Award



3. Latest Update on Continuous Residency on the new statement of changes – This continuous residency only applies to applicants under the following visa categories –

a. Global Talent

b. Domestic Worker in a private household

c. Hong Kong British National (Overseas)

d. Innovator

e. Representative of an Overseas Business

f. Skilled Worker

g. International Agreement Worker

h. T2 Sportsperson

i, T5 Temporary worker UK Ancestry

j. T2 minister of Religion


4. Updates on Dependant Partners – A situation where dependant partner was not in the UK while possessing a visa for the UK before 11 January 2018, that phase of absence from the UK will not be included in the 180-day limit when analysing the dependant’s continuous residence for indefinite leave to remain(ILR) in certain circumstances.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that absences will not be considered if the main applicants was on one of these visa categories:

a. Innovator

b. Start-up Tier 1

c. Tier 2

d. Global Talent

e. Tier 5(Temporary Worker)


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More On New Statement Of Changes In The UK April 2021-

5. One of New Statement Of Changes In The UK April 2021 is update on UK Graduate Route – Here from the 1st of April 2021, a new graduate route will be launched to those international students in the UK who desire to work after successful completion of an entitled course either at UK bachelor’s degree level or above.

This will be a non-sponsored path and can be applied for from inside the UK.

So, those students who possess a tier 4 visa and have dependants who possess UK dependent visas, they can also interchange into this visa route with the main applicant.

Note that this is not a path to settlement in the UK, and those applicants who desire to ultimately apply to settle in the UK will be required to switch to a different visa that permits a path to settlement.


Now we will talk about eligibility criteria for the graduate route –

  • You must have finished a UK Degree with a compliant higher education provider.
  • The last leave in the UK need to be a student or tier 4 visa.

In conclusion, so far this is all we have for you, do not forget to continue to check back for more new information.

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