Green Card Rules Relax: US Immigration

Green Card Rules Relax: US Immigration
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Green Card Rules has been relaxed by department of home security, on Green Card Rules Relax: US Immigration, which means less paperwork to submit and less financial proof required to prove your case for green card eligibility.

This can substantially improve the processing time of Green card cases.

The department of state also announced additional interview waivers so consular officers can waive in person interview for individuals applying for certain visa.

Now what are the details and tips to maximize stimulus checks for non citizens –

Let us talk about the green card rules – when President Trump was in the office, he made immigration system difficult, then he set up a requirement with a submission of form I-944.

Which only a harmful of applicant are excluded from submitting this form. This I-944 form is also known as declaration of self sufficiency.

Form I-944 is an 18 page document that asks for your detailed financial history. It is used to prove to U.S.C.I.S, that the person will not become a public charge.

So, when completing this form, you will need to provide a lot of personal and financial information, making it the heaviest form you need to submit for green card.

What are the kind of information the USCIS ask for –

1. Name

2. Date of birth

3. Current address

4. Citizenship

5. Family status

6. Liabilities and debts

7. Health Insurance

8. Assets

9. Household income

10. Credit score and credit report

11. English skills

12. Educational details and skills

13. Public benefits availed


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Furthermore, on Green Card Rules Relax: US Immigration- once you submit this form, the USCIC will use it to determine the positive and negative factors, that support your case based on your age, health, family status, assets, resources and financial status, education and skills, prospective immigration status and period of stay.

Based on this public charge rule, anyone who is applying for an immigrant visa, non-immigrant visa or green card would need to prove they will not become a public charge in the US.

Public charge is a term used for a person who is receiving government help, which is sometimes called “public benefits”.

So, the Biden administration took action in ending the Trump controversial rule, which was really more difficult for immigrants to obtain legal status if they use certain public benefits like medicals, food stamps , housing vouchers.

Earlier last week the Supreme court dismiss the case concerning the public charge rule.

Meanwhile, DHS filled Federal Register to formally remove the rule from federal regulation.

The announcement comes as the Biden administration shifts away from the policies of the previous administration working to strike a balance between promoting more humane approach to immigration and still sending the message to would be migrants not to come.

How will this help to reduce processing time – Green Card Rules Relax: US Immigration

Before we go into that, is it said that over 13,000 people have already been refused green-cards under this rules, therefore it is important to understand how the state department public charge reversal guidelines will affect you.

Not only that, the form I-944 is an 18 page document that ask for detailed financial history, which is used to prove about you, so processing this form doubled the time it took an officer to process a green card petition and it takes couple of months in other to verify the proof submitted.

So, by the rule cancelation, it will now reduce the time taken to adjudicate the petition also the time taken to verify the proofs with various other departments and agencies thus reducing the end time taken for green card processing.

What USCIS will do now for new applicants –

They will not ask for I-944 document for any new application or petition extension.

And for pending application, they will not be using the public charge rule for determination of public charge.

This means if you have submitted your application, let say since 2019, there is nothing to worry about. They will not use that information explicitly for making decision on pending cases.

For already denied applications and RFE issued , If you have got any RFE or NOID from USCIS to submit documentation related to new public charge final rule, then you do not have to provide the information related to public charge. but if there is a other question different from the public charge, then you must still respond to it.

USCIS will provide guidelines for the denied application to resubmit there new application soon.

If you are renewing your existing US Visa, if you meet the certain criteria then you do not have to appear for in-person interview.

You can submit your visa related documents at Visa Application Center otherwise called as a dropbox, your US visa renewal maybe issued without interview.

Remember to always check in here for new information and US immigration website for more information.

Thank you for reading – Green Card Rules Relax: US Immigration, let us know what you thing or if there is anything you want to add.

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