5 Worst Countries to Immigrate To

5 Worst Countries to Immigrate To

Here we are talking about 5 Worst Countries to Immigrate To. There are good countries that are every immigrant’s dream, and there are bad countries that you as an immigrant should not even try to enter. If you are planning on emigrating out of your home country for greener pastures, then you had better make sure that, the pasture you will end up in outside your home country is actually “greener”. This is why it is extremely important to do your research both on the internet and by asking people around you for their opinions. Choosing the right country to migrate into is very important. You definitely do not want to go from frying pan to fire. After all, there is a reason why you are migrating out of your home country in the first place.

This post is not to spread hate about any country. But rather, to shed more light on the places on this earth, that you are better off not living in. Most of the countries in this list were ranked according to the quality of life of the citizens living in them. Especially based on the Social Progress Index report (SPI). The SPI collated its life quality score based on, “basic human needs, foundations of well-being, and opportunity for inhabitants”. Then each country’s score is added together over a total score of 100.

If the citizens in the country you are planning to immigrate to are thriving in their countries, then it makes sense that you as an immigrant will benefit and thrive too. But if the citizens are living a very low life quality, then what is the assurance that you will not also suffer if you migrate there?

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So, let’s check out a list of countries in the world with very bad life quality and who you should not be considering as an immigration option. At least for now.


1. Central African Republic is one of the 5 Worst Countries to Immigrate To –

According to the Social Progress Index report of 2016, CAR (Central African Republic) scored the lowest on the life quality of the country and its inhabitants. CAR scores really low when it comes to quality of basic amenities like clean water, shelter, nutrition, education etc. It had a total SPI score of 30.03 which was the lowest of all countries. What this means for you as an immigrant is that, your country probably tanks higher than CAR in terms of life quality. So, we absolutely do not recommend that you immigrate there.

2. Afghanistan-

Afghanistan is a country in the Middle East that you have probably heard of before. Especially when it comes to war and bombing news on the TV. Well, Afghanistan ranks as the 2nd lowest of all countries when it comes to quality of life of inhabitants. It scored 35.89 according to the SPI report of 2016. Now, do you really want to migrate to the country? The country is not only low on life quality, but has been devastated by war for several years.

3. Chad is also one of the 5 Worst Countries to Immigrate To-

Chad is another country in Africa that makes the list of lowest life quality of all world countries. Chad is an anthropological country because the very earliest human activities dating back to 7000BC can be traced to the country. But still, despite having been the site of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Chad had a very low score of 36.38 on the SPI score of 2016. Chad is not the best country to choose to migrate to as a global citizen. The inhabitants of the country suffer greatly from lack of medical care to proper nutrition.

4. Angola –

Angola despite being a country of very large reserves of minerals and petroleum products, does not have a record of good life quality for its citizens at all. Angola scored 39.70 out of 100 on the SPI report of 2016. And if it were to be according to academic grading system, that would be an F. Angola also scores very low on the “Opportunity” sub-index for its citizens. So, if you choose to migrate there, the likelihood of you as a foreigner finding a job opportunity, is very low.

5. Niger is another one of  5 Worst Countries to Immigrate To –

Niger is another country in Africa, specifically located in West Africa. Niger usually has problems with droughts partly because it is a landlocked country and partly because of non-existent government efforts and policies to combat this issue. Niger scored just a little above 40, it scored 41.63 in the SPI report. Niger also has serious issues with clean water and its sanitation. The droughts in Niger sometimes, could lead to severe famines and food shortage all over the country. Do you seriously think migrating there is a good idea?

Bottom line.

These 5 countries above were ranked as the worst when it came to quality of life of inhabitants in a Social Progress Index report of 2016. Other low ranking countries that you should also think twice about immigrating into are, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Yemen, and others. They are some of the worst countries in the world that you could ever think of immigrating into. At least for now.


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