Popular Destinations in the USA to Visit in 2021

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Why are we talking about Popular Destinations in the USA to Visit in 2021, The United States of America is a very popular country that lots of people all-over the world love to fantasize about migrating to. Also known as Yankee, the USA is a country located in the continent of North America. The USA is famous for its dominance in world affairs especially among other countries in the world, it is also popular because of Hollywood which is America’s famous film industry. Hollywood movies consistently break records worldwide in net gross income and fan base. Apart from that, most foreigners think that USA is a land of dreams and high life quality. This could not be farther from the truth. The standard of living in the USA is very high and so is the quality of life there as well.

So, if you want to visit the USA, you are not alone. Pack your bags, passport, visa etc., and get ready! Because we are about to take you through the most popular travel destinations in the USA for you to visit. These places are like “must-sees” for you as a foreigner especially if you are visiting the USA for the first time. But because we are living in a pandemic period in 2021, you might want to obey and stay on board with all COVID-19 guidelines and protocols at these tourist sites. So, let’s dive right in..


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1. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and it is a 277 mile long canyon that will make you go wow. The grand Canyon has a river called the Colorado river that runs through it. Lots of activities go on here like, hiking, offering unique trails and paths like the Bright Angel trails and the North Kaibab trails. Visiting the Grand canyon is more of an eye opener as to how small we humans are in comparison to those massive rock formations.

2. New York City 

You must have definitely heard of NYC which is the popular short form for New York City in the US. New York City is a metropolitan city with a wide variety of cultures that melt there. In New York, you can eat the famous New York City styled pizza, visit the metropolitan museum, watch a show at Broadway, and meet a wide variety of people from a large number of cultures across the world. New York City also has a Central Park where you can go to if you want a break from the busy city life and crowds.

3. Niagara falls is also one of Popular Destinations in the USA to Visit in 2021

This waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls in the world. The waterfall is located along the USA-Canada border. The waterfall is a combination of three falls of which the largest section of the fall is called the Horseshoe falls. You can also view the waterfall from either the US side or the Canadian side. Niagara falls is a must-see natural wonder in the USA.

4. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a very popular statue that you have most likely heard of. The Statue is the largest statue in the world currently and it stands in the New York harbour. You can admire the statue from many points around the city of New York and the view is especially very good at Battery park. In case you don’t know how truly large this statue is, visitors regularly take rides to the crown of the statue, the pedestal of it, etc.

5. Walt Disney World Resort is another Popular Destinations in the USA to Visit in 2021

This is an amusement park located in the city of Orlando in the US. The amusement park was opened in the year 1971 by the Walt Disney World and since then, the park has become a top tourist attraction point for people visiting both from the US and foreigners. The park has various themes and also has water parks, theaters, shopping malls, and a place to dine luxuriously. Also, not too far away from the amusement park, we have the Florida beaches located just an hour away from the park. So, if you feel like surfing, feeling the beach sand beneath your feet, you can easily drive down to the beach from the park.

6. Las Vegas Strip.

This is a street located in Las Vegas that is absolutely stunning to see. This street has recreations of many beautiful places in it. For example, recreations of the New York skyline, the Eiffel tower, canals of Venice and a lot more popular foreign sites like this street. The best things in Las Vegas that you should see are actually really free to witness. You have dancing fountains, erupting volcanoes and all manner of sights that are sure to wow you here. And they are mostly for free.

We will stop at six popular attractions in this article. But really, the USA has way more attractions than we listed here. But these six sites are absolutely good places to start from.

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