10 Places Not To Travel To In 2021

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Here, we are talking about 10 places not to travel to in 2021. It is so surprising that the best or most beautiful places to travel to are generally the ones that are been damaged by travellers or tourist.

And top best Countries to visit on our previous list, some of their places now have too many travellers or tourist damaging the places.

We will now go straight to the point talking about our top 10 places not to travel to in 2021-


1.Hallstatt Austria – with the way snow shine bright on the mountains at night, and the look of the beautiful place and isolation, then tourism is the key.

But used as the inspiration for the frozen film, this place is been bombarded as a popular tourist area and getting crowded, so if you do not like the idea of crowded places then this place is not for you.


2. North Korea – Aside been beautiful, it is one of the places you should not consider to visit at the moment. Is it the dictatorship or what can we say.


3. Dubrovnik CROATIA – this is one of the places not to travel to, after gaining popularity from Game of Throne filming location, this place has become a well known hot spot for tourist and travellers.

It has been over crowded and doe not have the feel of that hidden paradise anymore.

Considering that Croatia has so many sea side spots and beautiful places, then why choose this place.


4. Lisbon Portugal – This location gain a popular alternative to the over crowded Barcelona. This place has come to be a popular location as well for travellers and tourist.


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5. Kanpur India – This place has been a big tourist favourite for years and still is . And Kanpur rely heavily on industries. This place is very famous around the world for its over population.

Vehicle emission has cause air pollution problem due to its over population within the city.

So, this made it one of the places to avoid visiting this 2021.


6. Switzerland – This place has always been a popular tourist location, because it has lot of beautiful places. And it is an expensive place.

Looking for a place to give you a lot more for a lot less, try Slovenia.


7. Faroe Islands – After a big marketing campaign about this Island in 2016, it has become a popular location for tourist and travellers.


8. Santorini Greece – It is very easy to see why this lovely quiet town has become so popular. With its white and blue tight houses makes the town very special. Been a tight street and imagine lots of tourist around this place, you are going to be queuing just to walk on the street.

So, if you do not like crowded places, this place is not your ideal location for travelling.


9. Florida Keys – This place is a popular place with its beautiful beach, especially of you love diving underwater. And it has become a popular location for tourist and travellers to visit.


10. Phi Phi Islands Thailand – This place is a definition of island paradise, it is a very beautiful place. and it has attracted a lot of tourists over the years to an extent of the authority closing it to tourist in 2018 for maintenance and giving the island space to recover from over crowded.

But they will be reopening soon, but it is best for you to give some time before visiting even though the island reopens this year.


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