Top 4 Ways To Immigrate to Germany in 2021

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Germany is a really good country to choose to immigrate to as a Nigerian, that is why we have picked Top 4 Ways To Immigrate to Germany in 2021. And nowadays, lots of Nigerians have made the country their number one choice when choosing to emigrate. According to reliable sources, Germany is the fifth best country any person can choose to immigrate to in the world. This ranking was concluded based on the GDP, population, PPP and other ranking factors. Germany has been top in these rankings since way back. And honestly, we think Germany deserves it. If you want to know what your options are for immigrating into Germany, then this article is for you.

We will look at the top four ways through which you can immigrate to Germany in 2021-

1. Immigration based on employment.

There are particular skilled professions that Germany is constantly searching for in these recent days. Germany has been reporting a shortage of skilled workers in the country and so, if you are a foreigner who is skilled in areas like engineering, IT, Medicine and other skilled jobs, you can apply to immigrate to Germany based on these employable skills of yours. The steps you should take when looking to immigrate to Germany through this method is:
– You need to find a German employer or company looking to hire foreign skilled workers,
– Once you find, then you should apply for the Germany Working visa from your country,
– Complete the process, move to Germany and grab your working residence permit.

There are other documentation processes that are involved with this method that we have not mentioned. But the basic requirement to qualify for this immigration path, is to have skills that the German economy needs.

2. Immigration based on education 

This is one of Top 4 Ways To Immigrate to Germany in 2021. Germany is actually very popular in Nigeria when people want to emigrate to a country with low tuition fees or even zero fees. It seems that this information is not known to everybody but now, we are telling you now. Many of Germany’s federal universities have free tuition fees unlike the tuition fees of colleges in the USA for example.

To immigrate into Germany through this method, you need to apply for a Germany Study Visa from Nigeria. After completing your degree, you are allowed to stay back in Germany only for a short amount of time during which you will be searching for jobs. If you can’t find a job within that time frame, you will be asked to return to your home country. But if you do find, then you can stay back and continue living in Germany.

Top 4 Ways To Immigrate to Germany in 2021


3. Immigration based on entrepreneurship

This type of immigration path into Germany is specifically for people who want to come into Germany to establish a business or as an entrepreneur. Individuals who are seeking to start a business in Germany can obtain German Residence Permit as an entrepreneur.

You will need some documents like a business plan for example. To qualify for this immigration path, you need to apply for the German Start-up/Entrepreneur Visa from your home country. You will also need other documents and credentials as well.

4. Immigration based on Family Reunion

Family reunion is something that the German immigration authorities have made provision for. Folks from third world countries who wish to bring in their family and relatives who reside outside of the European Union can do so through this immigration method.

There is a special visa that was designed for the purpose of reunification of families. So, if your family or any of your family members live in Germany, you can apply for the Family Reunion Visa and then later on, apply for a residence permit.

Bottom Line

These four main immigration methods are very legal and recognised ways through which foreigners who wish to immigrate into Germany can apply. Germany is a very friendly countries and ranks very high when it comes to quality of the economy and standard of life quality.

We hope this article has helped to bring more clarity to your immigration journey to Germany.

The method you should go for depends on if you are qualified and meet the requirements. Germany is a definitely a great country to choose to settle in. And you have our full support for this European country. Good luck in your immigration journey. 

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