5 Favourite Countries African Americans Are Moving To

5 Favourite Countries African Americans Are Moving To
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African American international travel is growing in epic rate, that is why we are talking about 5 of the favourite Countries African Americans are moving to.

So many African American are moving out due to different reasons, like civil unrest, expensive health care, and justification etc.

Therefore, many are deciding to make places outside the USA their permanent home. And few famous Icon I know that relocated out of the US,  are having a booming career.

The Countries that we have selected are one of the most talked about on the internet or social media. They are not in order, we are just going to list them.

I will now give you my 5 favourite Countries African Americans are relocating to –



1.  Mexico – This is one of the 5 Favourite Countries African Americans Are Moving To. As an American, when someone mention Mexico, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is either drug cartel, a quick vacation to Cancun or crime etc.

But Mexico is so much more, for instance do you know that Mexico is the most popular destination for north America Experts in the world, and more are joining them all the time.

Over half a million of Americans and Canadians reside in Mexico.

One of the reasons black Americans are moving to Mexico is because of the relative distance from the US.

As for climate, Mexico is 3 times the size of Texas. They have also got great weather and beach lifestyle, and great humidity.

The cost of living in Mexico is much lower living in the United States.

For example, for a 2 bedroom home you might pay 750 dollars a month in rent.

In terms of infrastructure, most places have high speed internet, good highways, and so on.

Most black women said they found their favourite hair products in Mexico.

Their main language is Spanish, but in a lot of major cities in Mexico you can get by speaking English.

Mexican people are friendly.





2. Portugal – This is an European Country and is one of our 5 Favourite Countries African Americans Are Moving To.

In terms of safety, Portugal is one of the safest Countries in the world.

And many blacks report feelings close to zero over racism. Portugal has a lot of diversity, and you will get to see people from all over the world living in Portugal.

Portugal has a really good climate, with mild winter and hot summer. But for the North is a little bit cooler.

The average temperature for the whole Country is about 70 degrees.

Many people say Portugal has one of the lowest cost of living among western European Countries.

As far as infrastructure, health system, education and so on are just great.

In terms of language, they speak Portuguese, but many Americans said they got along fine with just speaking English.


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3. Panama –  this is a border of Costa-Rica and Columbia. This is a beautiful place with high mountains and beautiful beaches. It is the only place in world where you see the sun rising in the pacific and set on the Atlantic.

It is relatively very close to the United States with a distance from New York to Panama is almost the same living in New York.

Panama city is the capital city in Panama, which is where majority of expatriate live.

The city has the same amenities you might be used to in America. They have high speed internet, amazing health care, amazing food, cable tv, good road, highways, free ways, beautiful houses, air-conditions every where you go.

They also have good economy, it is a place you can go to do business. And they also use US dollars.

Their schools speak English.

And of course they have amazing weather.

Panama may not be the cheapest Country to live on this list, but it is a lot cheaper than living in California.

They have got everything going on there, if you want to retire or live a Miami lifestyle for cheap, Panama is your place.


costa-rica beach

4. Costa-rica – Everyone has heard about people moving to Costa-rica, this is one of the popular destination for young entrepreneur trying to get away from the rat race or for older people looking to retire.

It is very close to the US, with a flight from Texas to Costa-rica been around 3 hours.

This Country is a Country that connects North America with South America. It got beautiful beaches.

Costa-rica is got amazing tropical climate.

Expenses in Costa-rica is a lot more affordable than the states.

The Country also have very affordable health care system.

Many blacks say they feel much safer in Costa-rica than the US.

The Country is dedicated to peace and safety.

Transportation is safe and reliable and the internet is fast.

And this Country is one of the top rated retiring year after year.


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5. Ghana – Is one of the 5 Favourite Countries African Americans Are Moving To. They have got amazing food.

Everyone in Ghana speaks English.

The cost of living in Ghana is quite cheaper than the States. And the people their are known to be very respectful.

But you have to be careful, because many people complain the people of Ghana can over charge you for things you buy if they know you are from America.

Ghana is a fast growing Country but the infrastructure has some catching up to do.

If you are looking for a place with a slower pace, that is affordable and that will introduce you to an amazing African culture, Ghana is a great choice.


Finally, I hope you have enjoyed reading this. If you have anything else you would like to see us write about, feel free to comment. And if you also know other places not on the list, please share with us. Do not forget to share and subscribe for more new gist and to be the first to know when we post.


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