Top 10 Best Countries To Migrate To In 2022

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Top 10 Best Countries To Immigrate To By 2022

There are many beautiful Countries out there you can migrate to but here we are going to be discussing the top 10 best Countries to Immigrate to by 2022, which will base on human development, medical stability, quality of life, economy outlooks, Job opportunity, unemployment rate, good education part to permanent residency and citizenship, and common language use.

Why would people want to migrate from their own Country of birth to another, there are many common reasons for this- high crime, no jobs, poverty, lack of safety, etc.

It is never too early to start planning for your 2022. 


Therefore, we will start with our number 10 –

10. United Arab Emirates –

This is one of the best Countries to migrate to and is the home of immigrants all over the world. Salaries in Emirate is tax free.

What a huge benefit, People generally move here in search of high quality lifestyle, Job Opportunity and career progression.

Here, 50% of the Country population are expert. the people here are friendly and people also love their attractive lifestyle.

Dubai has the best shopping mall in the world if you have your wallet full.

9. Switzerland –

Is another one of the top 10 Countries to immigrate to 2022.

This is one of the most Beautiful Countries in Europe with good quality of life and low unemployment rate.

You need to live here for minimum of 10 years to get full Citizenship.

To live here, you should at lease know one of the languages like French, German, Italian or Romansh.

The prominent one been German.

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8. Sweden –

One of the best Countries in the region having 10 million people.

This Country is home to Companies like Ikea and Skype.

You need a work permit from an employer to get started in Sweden.

It takes 5 years to Citizenship in Sweden.

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7. Denmark –

Is one of the top 10 Countries to immigrate to in 2022.

Danish people are the most happiest people in the world base on global survey.

If you are a professional, you can get professional Visa in Denmark, which is a new form of previous Green Card.

You can also set up your business as an entrepreneur in Denmark if  you have a very good Idea.

It takes 9 years to become a Danish Citizen.

This Country also provide high quality of life and low unemployment rate.

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Top 10 Best Countries To Migrate To In 2022 continues –

6. Germany –

A Country with 85 million people.

This Country is got a robust economy. With this said, Germany could be your favourable or future destination if you like to learn German language.

You can get 6 months Job seeker Visa to start searching for a Job in Germany.

And if you are highly qualify, like professional in Master or PHD, your chances of securing a Job is much more easier.

You can also become a German Citizen in 33 months if you have EU blue card or 6 years in of a German language score.

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5. Netherlands –

One of the best location in Europe with technical and non technical people is in Netherlands.

99% of Dutch people speak English.

Dutch land is home to Companies like Shell, Unilever, Philips, and ING.

You need am employment permit to start in Netherlands.

And you can also get a self employed resident permit.

It takes 5 years in Citizenship.

And this Country does not permit dual Citizenship.

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Top 10 Best Countries To Immigrate To By 2022

4. Singapore –

Singapore is an island city. And the people here are friendly.

And the global financial centre of Asia.

With less than 6 million people, this Country is having a very high quality living ranking 5th.

You will need an employment permit to get started in Singapore.

And it can take up to 10 years to become a Singapore Citizen.

You can start up your own business as an entrepreneur and obtain an entry pass to start living in Singapore.

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3. Australia –

This Country is one of my favourite.

Australia is the 6 largest Country in the world. Bigger than India and smaller than Brazil in size.

Nearly 25 million people from different cultures live in Australia.

Mostly in city like Melbourne and Sydney.

You can immigrate to Australia as a skilled migrant with or without sponsorship.

You can also opt for region locations.

And you can also become Australia citizen within 4 years.

School, education and basic health care is free for permanent residents.

Voting in elections is mandatory for citizens.

If you are looking for a warm climate, Australia is great.

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2. New Zealand –

This is another beautiful Country to relocate to as one of the 10 best Countries To Migrate to In 2022 .

New Zealand which have less than 5 million people is one of the happiest English speaking Countries.

If you are a skilled person, you will be able to immigrate to New Zealand.

Another advantage in New Zealand is high quality living, good education and low unemployment rate.

It takes 5 years to become a Zealander kiwi.

And once you are a new Zealander, you get the opportunity to move to Australia if you want.

New Zealand people are also friendly.

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1. Canada –

Canada is the 2nd largest Country in the world, home to 37 million people. And is the 2nd coldest Country in the world.

If you are a skilled person, you can immigrate to Canada, or you can also secure a Job with Canadian employer.

And if you are able to obtain high score in English Language, and have a master degree, your path to permanent residency will be easier.

Also, if you which to immigrate with parents and siblings, this is the Country for you.

It takes 3 years to become a Canadian citizen.

Canada rank number one in this list because of its quality education and high quality living.

But note that the Country is a very cold Country considering its weather.

So, if you do not mind the cold weather, yes is a beautiful Country to visit and stay.



Do you know a Country that should be on this list or is there a Country you expect not to be in the list, please leave a comment below

Thank you for reading.

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