Best 7 Certifications That Will Have An Impact In 2021

Best 7 Certifications That Will Have An Impact In 2021
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Best 7 Certifications That Will Have An Impact In 2021
Best 7 Certifications That Will Have An Impact In 2021

There are many certifications making waves this year, that is why we have picked this topic to talk about 10 of those certifications that will have an impact in 2021.

If you are looking out for a certification to grow in your career, stop here and have a look at what we have here for you.

For a few years now, certifications are stepping stone for someone looking to grow in their career.

Here we will be covering a particular industry, also giving you example of salary you can look up to.


We will now go straight to the point –

1. NETWORKING – this involves a process of transporting exchange data with note over shared network.

So, some of the popular networking certifications are CompTIA Network Certified. This can give you basic knowledge on

a. Networking Concepts

b. Networking Security

c. Network Operations

d, Troubleshooting

And you can also take on Cisco Certified CCNP, CCNA Certifications.

These professional certifications will give you the ability to be able to work with Cisco Networking Solutions.

So with this certifications, your average salary will be up to $130,000 depending on the Country you are.


2. Cyber Security – this is one of the best 7 Certifications that will have an Impact In 2021.

Cyber Security is a process of defending an electronics system and other forms of electronic technology to protect them from malicious attacks.

The certification you can get is the CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional).

And to get the certification, you need to learn get the ability to –

a. Design

b. Implement and

c. Manage programs.

So, getting certified can also validate your ability to Exclusive Resources, Tools, and other opportunities.

You cam also pick up this certification on CEH which is certified Ethical Hackers.

To show your skills here, its in 5 stages like –

a. Reconnaissance

b. Enumeration

c. Gaining Access

d. Maintaining Access

e. Covering Tracks

With the right certifications a Cyber Security can earn up to $150,000 depending of where you are location.


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3. ITIL – this is a set of practices for IT services management that can help align your IT services with the organisation’s need.

We do have some popular ITIL like Axelos ITIL certifications, which starts with foundation level certification.

The certification gives you basic understanding of –

a. ITIL concepts

b. Guiding Principles of ITIL 4

c. Service Management Dimensions and so much more.

There is a training course for this that includes- Service Management’s Key Concepts, Four Dimensions, ITIL Service Value System, Service Value Chain and so much more.

Meanwhile,  with the right certification, an ITIL person can earn up to $104,000 per annum depending on the Country you are.

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Best 10 Certifications That Will Have An Impact In 2021


4. Agne Scrum this is another good certification you should look into.

The certification will give you knowledge on  –

a. Scrum Framework

b. Team Roles

c. Events

d. Other Artifacts

Furthermore, It will also enable you to teach Organisations Scrum Values, Principles and Practices.

So, as a certified Scrum can earn up to $132,000, again depending on the Country you are.


5. PMP Certification – this is one of the 10 Certifications that will have an Impact In 2021.

This involves leading a team to achieve its goals, and the best certification you can pick up is the Project Management Professional Certification.

This certification covers –

a. Initiating

b. Planning

c. Executing

d. Monitoring and Controlling

e. Closing.

To get this certification, you can learn PMP plus and more.

So, someone with this certification can earn up to $107,000 depending which Country you are.


Best 7 Certifications That Will Have An Impact In 2021 – continue reading


6. Cloud Computing – this is a process of delivery computing services with a number of different services over the internet.

This usually works as pay as you go services.

One of the certifications you can pick up is AWS certified solution architect associate certification.

This certification will showcase your ability for you to –

Firstly- Architect


Thirdly- Secure.

You can also take up the Azure Administrator Associate which is ideal for people who want to manage Cloud services like –

a. Storage

b. Security

c. Networking

d. Cloud Capabilities

Meanwhile, Cloud Computing Engineers can earn up to $163,000 per annum depending where you are.


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7. Digital Marketing –  is another good certification, one of the certification you can get is Digital Marketing Specialist Certification.

This certification involves –

a. Concept of SEO

b. Content Marketing

c. PPC

d. Digital Analytics

e. Social Media

f. Mobile Marketing and so much more.

Here, you can also get a Google Analytics certification, which covers analytics concepts and  much more.

So, a Digital Marketer can earn up to $112,000 depending where you are.


In conclusion, There are so many Certifications making wave, we have only picked 7 out to talk about.

As time goes on we will pick another set to talk about, therefore watch out on this site for more.

Please subscribe for more and do comment other certifications you know that will or are making waves this 2021.

Thank you for reading.

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