Top Immigration Mistakes To Avoid In The US 2021

Top Immigration Mistakes To Avoid In The US 2021
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Here we will be talking about Top Immigration Mistakes To Avoid In The US 2021. Some of us make all these mistakes and never know about them.

That is why we have decided to talk about this mistakes you can not make this 2021, so you can learn and stop making this mistakes.

I know that some of you must have made these mistakes before, and regretting it, I will also appreciate if you can share your story, of any of the mistakes you have made in the past in the comment section.

Especially, to some of you doing the immigration application on your own.

So, if you are out there planning to make new application, filling, or reapplying, you should read this.

Remember, mistakes can be very costly. When you make immigration mistakes, it is costly to fixed.

Mistakes can also cause delay.

And thirdly, mistakes can keep you separated from your family.

Lastly, mistakes can lead to a denial of your case.


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Now, I will go straight to the top immigration mistakes to avoid in the US in 2021 –

1. If you do not read instructions – Do you know that the Government have instructions on how to prepare your forms, if you go to the website of USCIS.GOV, type in the form number, it will show you some instructions on what or how to fill the form.

Not reading the instructions can cost you a huge mistake that you will regret later. For example, like missing a very important required piece of evidence and other kind of evidence.

2. If you use a non professional person on your case – sometimes some people do this because of the fee they would pay to use a real immigration lawyer.

They try to avoid payment of any fees, or they think they are also good enough and can also read the immigration contents and know all they needed to do for them to file in their applications.


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3. Mistake of lying – some of you lie to get what you want. This is not acceptable, moreover, the immigration interview section is quite equipped now, with detecting if you are lying, or get you confused with their questions, or inconsistence and so on, you know what I mean.


4. Mistake of misrepresenting the facts – When you commit misrepresenting and the Government finds out about it, it will complicate your case and lead to a denial.


In Conclusion, Some of us have been there, with one of the mistakes or all above, and had to pay hard to rectify it. Please let us know of your past immigration mistakes and how you sorted it.

Please do not forget to subscribe, share and comment your thought.

Thank you for reading.

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