US Family Presidential Proclamation Ban Revoked

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There is a wonderful new from the Whitehouse.  I am so happy bringing to your knowledge this proclamation, the US Family Presidential Proclamation Ban Revoked.

It is a short and fast, I just wanted to quickly share this with you.

This is good news for a lot of families out there. Because I heard a lot of people talking about this saying the family ban could be extended or moved, but is not the case.

It is been revoked.

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So, now that the family Ban is been revoked, what next?

That will be the question on people’s lips.

This goes to the agencies, the guidance that is going to be needed from the state departments.

Now that is has happened, the agency will start to send notice out and people will be placed on queue for interviews.

Even though we know that Embassy is moving at a very slow pace, but we are sure that in no time work will start on this.


The people that fell in the Family Ban categories are-


1. Folks that fell into F1 Family preference category ,the adult children or unmarried children of US Citizens

2. F2A category, those are the spouse children of green card holder category.

3. F2B category, the unmarried or under 21 years of age, or adult children of green card holders.

4. F3 category, is for married adult children of US citizens

5. F4 category is for siblings.


More On US Family Presidential Proclamation Ban Revoked-

This is a great news for all out there who fell into any of the categories above and more.

Please go ahead to get more information about this family ban revoked proclamation by President Biden on the US immigration website so you will know how to start your application on it if you qualify.

In conclusion, we know that this is the beginning of great news and more to come, as they continue to come, we will continue to share with you.

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Thank you. 

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