Best Immigration Friendly Countries in the World

5 Worst Countries to Immigrate To
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Best Immigration Friendly countries in the World –

As a Nigerian that is actively thinking about emigrating out of Nigeria into another country, Canada is not your only option.

Canada has become a popular choice among Nigerians who want to relocate and rightfully so. But we are here to tell you that, Canada is not your only option.

There are loads of countries with great economy and high living standard that are also very immigration friendly.

And in this article, we will be suggesting a number of them to you.


Immigration Friendly Countries as we say-

When we mean “immigration friendly”, it means those countries that have policies in place to make sure that immigrants can easily migrate to their country and live healthy lives.

These immigration friendly countries also have good economies and high living standard.

If you are a Nigerian and you are actively thinking of your options, these countries listed below are recognized worldwide as the best countries that are highly friendly towards immigrants. Let’s check them out.


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1. Canada

Canada has been repeatedly rated the first on so many lists. And rightfully so.

Furthermore, Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia by land size and yet it is still so sparsely populated despite its huge land size.

With a population of over 35.5 million people residing in it, Canada has one of the most friendly environments for immigrants from anywhere in the world. And the hype about Canada being a safe haven from the troubles of Nigeria are totally true.

Up to 8 million immigrants now live in Canada and this is a really high figure when you compare it to that of other countries. It is no news that Canada has been able to incorporate immigrants into its society and economy in an excellent way.

2. Germany-

Germany actually tops Canada with the number of immigrants presently living in the country.

The Country Germany had more than 12 million immigrants living in it as at 2020, and that is more than Canada’s figure which stood at 7.9 million.

The Country Germany has arguably the strongest economy in the whole of the European Union and the number of immigrants have helped to contribute to Germany’s skilled industrial workforce.

The country with the largest immigrant population is Turkey. But Germany is very welcoming both to refugees and immigrants from any country in the world.


Best Immigration Friendly Countries In The World Continues-

3. Australia-

Just like Canada is sparsely populated, so is Australia sparsely populated. Australia has a large land mass/size as well as a huge population of immigrants.

A huge chunk of Australia’s total population is made up of immigrants. 

For its immigration, Australia was the first to start the point-based immigration assessment before Canada also adopted it. Australia had a population of about 25 million in 2020 and up to 7 million of them were immigrants from other countries.

Immigrants from England and China are most common in Australia.

If you want to choose Australia as your relocation destination, we assure you that it is one of the most immigrant friendly countries out there in the world.

4. France

Just like Canada, France has up to 8 million immigrants currently living in the country.

The French people have been known to be very welcoming and friendly. And same goes for their behaviour towards immigrants as well.

France is actually way easier to migrate to than you would have imagined. Once you follow all the laws within the French Law and don’t go against the rules, you will find your immigration process very easy.

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5. United States

The United States of America is a really good country to immigrate to. The quality of life and economy is very good and the people are also welcoming.

Immigrating into the USA is not the easiest process but once successful, the benefits far outweigh the difficult immigration processing.

USA is an especially very popular immigration destination for British people. And the USA is immigration friendly because it has a long history of being a “melting pot” of many different cultures over centuries.


These 5 countries we suggested above, have been popularly known to be highly accommodating and welcoming to foreigners from anywhere in the world. These countries have good economy, relatively peaceful society and a high living standard. You will feel at home in no time.

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