Different methods of immigrating to Canada from Nigeria in 2021

Can You Enter Canada Illegally As A Nigerian?
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There are different methods of immigrating to Canada from Nigeria in 2021, as far as immigrating into Canada goes, there are different methods of doing it.

And in this article, we will be looking at these different methods. Maybe we won’t be going in depth into the methods, but we will be giving you a quick glimpse into what each immigration method entails and how you can get started.

So, before we we start, let’s give you a quick introduction about the country called Canada and its immigration facts.

Canada is a country in North America that has one of the highest rates of immigrants all over the world.

And people from all over the world, whether it be Nigeria, China, India etc, will all have much recently developed a new interest in Canada. Is it worth it to spend so much on trying to travel down to Canada? Well, it turns out that, it is really worth it.

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Moreover, We all know the situation of things in Nigeria. And because the Nigerian situation isn’t smiling, we have lots of our young folks looking for a way out of the country in search of greener pastures.

And Canada has become a hot-spot for such Nigerians.

But, all these stories are not the reason why you are here. Below, we list and explain in simple terms.


All the possible immigration methods in Canada that are available to you as a Nigerian-

1. Express Entry System: This is probably the most popular immigration method.

This method is for those folks who are skilled in certain areas. And this is the immigration method for skilled workers who wish to settle into Canada on a permanent basis and partake in business activities in the economy.

Furthermore, there are various application processes and eligibility requirements to qualify for Express Entry. If your Express Entry application is accepted,

then you will be granted permanent residence into Canada as a skilled worker who can contribute to the economy.

2. Family Sponsorship-

Family sponsorship is another great method to immigrate into Canada if you have relatives who are permanent residents.

Permanent residents in Canada can sponsor certain relatives outside the country to come over to Canada.

A person in Canada can sponsor other people to come to Canada if they are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada or a person registered as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act.

3. Provincial Nominees

This is also one of Different methods of immigrating to Canada from Nigeria in 2021, provincial Nominee program is for workers who have the skills,

work experience and education to qualify to live in a particular province in Canada and contribute to the Canadian economy in that particular territory or province.

You can come to Canada through this method if you meet the provincial requirements.

4. Quebec-selected Skilled Workers


You can also immigrate into Canada through the Quebec skilled workers program. You will need to buy the form which costs $1,325 and the processing time after applying is up to 17 months.

This immigration program is for skilled workers who want to live and work in Quebec province of Canada.

5. Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This is a fairly new program that was launched in 2017. In other words this immigration program is for students who graduated from higher institutions in Atlantic Canada and want to remain to work in Atlantic Canada.

Employers can also hire foreign skilled workers that want to immigrate to Atlantic Canada through this program. There are more details about this program and you can read more HERE!

6. Caregivers

The Caregivers immigration program, like its name implies, is for caregivers who wish to immigrate into Canada.

As a caregiver, you have the option to immigrate into Canada to work on a temporary basis or even become a permanent resident.

And you can read more about this immigration program in Canada’s official immigration website.

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7. Start-up Visa

You can also immigrate into Canada based on starting a business and creating jobs in Canada.

This program was created by the Canadian immigration program to encourage innovative entrepreneurs to create jobs in Canada.

Therefore, there are specific requirements that you must meet before you can qualify to be picked for the Start-up visa program.

8. Self Employed

To apply for the self employed immigration program, you must pay a fee of $2,075 first.

This is part of the application process and the whole process requires specific requirements that you must meet before you can be admitted or accepted.

But this program is strictly for the self employed folks.

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9. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

This pilot was created for the community basically by encouraging immigration to the smaller communities in Canada.

If you are a skilled foreign worker, you can apply for this program and it is a very nice method of applying for permanent residence.

10. Agri-Food Pilot

This pilot is for people who want to immigrate and work in the agri-food sector and industries.

And this pilot is a valid way of addressing the needs of the labour market in the Canadian agri-food industry.

This pilot allows you a pathway to become a permanent resident. And this program will not start until 2023 in May specifically.

11. Healthcare Workers Permanent Residence Pathway-

This is one of the different methods of immigrating to Canada from Nigeria in 2021This pathway is for those immigrants who are refugee claimants who work within the health sector and it offers them the opportunity to become permanent residents in Canada.

But there are specific requirements to qualify for this program. You can apply if you meet the eligibility requirements for this pathway.

12. Refugees

Refugees can be sponsored to come to Canada based on the Refugee program or even become a sponsor.

With this program, you can immigrate into Canada as a refugee or even be sponsored as a refugee.

13. Appeal your Immigration Decision
You can appeal to the Immigration and Refugee Board to get sponsorship to immigrate into Canada.

This is a very legit way to immigrate into Canada.


In conclusion, these 13 methods of immigrating to Canada are all of the possible ways you can immigrate into Canada.

As a Nigerian, you will have to research each and every one of them to be able to know which particular method you are most qualified for.

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