5 Cheapest Countries for Nigerians to Travel To

5 Cheapest Countries for Nigerians to Travel To
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Here we are talking about 5 Cheapest Countries for Nigerians to Travel To, as a Nigerian, travelling might not be the most affordable option for you because the economy is quite harsh, if we are being truthful.

Now, this makes it really hard for Nigerians to even harness their explorative spirit.

Many people all over the world would love the feeling and the opportunity to be able to travel and explore.

But harsh economies make it really hard. Now, this calls for other cheaper country destinations for travelling. What other country destination options are available for you as a Nigerian?

We have compiled a good list of countries that you can visit outside of Nigeria on a budget.

Many of the countries on our recommendation list are actually African. But the reason why many of them are African is because, they do not require a Visa for you to travel to them.

Moreover, just the expense of trying to get a Visa is a huge expense on its own. And many times, after spending a huge amount on Visa, you have to worry about airplane ticket or travel ticket.

So, the following countries are our recommendations of the cheapest options available for you as a Nigerian that loves to explore or tour.

1. Ghana

One of the 5 Cheapest Countries for Nigerians to Travel To is Ghana.

Ghana is highly, hugely underrated by Nigerians as a travel destination.

Perhaps, because Ghana is very close to Nigeria and people are hugely looking down on its beauty.

The beauty of Ghana is that you can travel there by road if you want. And that would be a long road trip no doubt.

But it would be a really fun trip especially if you go with a group of friends.

Road trips are fun when all precautions are taken, all the essentials are packed and when there are more than two people on the trip.

Ghana has the Lake Volta, which is a popular lake located in the Volta region of Ghana.

The lake is very popular and indeed very beautiful. Ghana also has the Aburi botanical garden if you are the type that loves nature.

The Mole National park is for you if you wish to see the animals, Labadi beach is for you if you love the smell and sight of beach sand and water.

2. Kenya

One of the 5 Cheapest Countries for Nigerians to Travel To is Kenya.

Kenya is a must-visit in Africa as a Nigerian, a “must”. Kenya is highly respected all over the world for its natural beauty and the abundance of wildlife available.

The places you will want to definitely visit while in Kenya are the national reserves and national parks.

In Kenya’s national reserves, you will get to see Zebras, Elephants, Lions and more in their natural habitats! Also, the highest mountain peak in Africa called the Mount Kilimanjaro is also located in Kenya, this would interest you if you are a mountain climber or hiker.

Getting Visa to Kenya as a Nigerian is not a very complicated process but you need to apply for their Visa before you can visit. And because Kenya is located in Africa, it is pretty affordable to travel down there.

3. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an ECOWAS country just like Nigeria is. And this means that, you don’t need a visa to travel to Cape Verde.

All you need is your Nigerian passport and your plane ticket. And we all know that plane tickets to other African countries are relatively cheaper than that of overseas countries.

Cape Verde has some wonderful destinations like Fogo island which has really beautiful beaches, Sal island, the city of Santa Maria, Praia which is Cape Verde’s capital city and more.

4. Dubai

Dubai is a popular tourist spot for Nigerians. Nigerians travel to Dubai regularly to shop for clothes and just for fun as well.

Now, because many Nigerians are frequenters of Dubai, it has become a really affordable destination with many airlines giving Nigerian tourists and visitors huge discounts on their plane tickets.

Popular tourist spots in Dubai that you can visit include Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall, Dubai museum, and more.

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5. Morocco

Morocco is famously very cheap to travel to. Marakesh Medina is an old city in Morocco and they display many of Morocco’s culture and fashion. There are also many mosques built in ancient architecture, and there are many cities with different architectural styles in Morocco.


These five countries outlined above, are some of the cheapest and most affordable countries you can travel to as a Nigerian.
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