Countries Where Black Travellers Feel Welcome

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Here are 7 Countries where black travellers feel welcome

There are many Countries where black travellers feel welcome, we will only pick few to talk about today, and upon request from you all we will talk about more.

We have talked to a lot of people concerning this, and a lots travellers, especially the ones that have travelled around the world.

This is all they have to say, there are many Countries where Black travellers feel safe, but here we will be listing 7 of those Countries where travellers feel welcome.

And let me point out that ones accent could give better treatment than the others, for example an African American accent person could be treated better than a black breed from an African Country, this is from experience.

Do not take it the wrong way.

Here are my lists of Countries where Black Travellers feel welcome –

1.  The Philippines – Really rolled out red carpet for me when travelled to the Country.

They are very lovely people.

I visited 4 islands in the Philippines, oh my goodness it was so Beautiful, they people in the Philippines were amazingly warm and welcome.

They were always ready to help you in many different ways.

But let me warn you though, there internet system is not that fast, I had few issues doing my work from there.

At side that, they have amazing Islands in Philippines, beautiful place.


2. Costa-Rica – this is another beautiful place to visit, It is a nice peaceful friendly place.

The people there treat people very nicely, so is a beautiful to visit. As a black traveller you will enjoy it.


3. Portugal – This is another Beautiful Country with peaceful nice people. If was going to live somewhere longer, I would have choosing Portugal.

They have got good food, good beaches, good people. It was amazing staying there. Love the Country.


4. Vietnam – This is a hate it or love it place, its challenging, and its totally different.

I know a lot of people would be surprise about this but it felt different while I was there,

beware you could be rip off from buying a food or anything, but the food is really nice, not happy about paying so much compare to other Countries visited.

Aside that it was a nice stay, at lease I did not get touched like they do in other Countries to see how it feels been Black.

I had a great time there, some people may feel otherwise about this.

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5. Mexico – this Country is a total package, it is a very easy place to go and travel around.

The people there are very nice. I am even planning to go back again and spend a bit more time. Love the Country.


6. New Zealand – This is another nice place to visit, lovely people, amazing food.

My stay was for 2 weeks in this Country and I enjoyed every bit of it. Give it a try I am sure you will love it.


7. United Kingdom – This is a beautiful place to stay and even raise a family.

I have lived here for many years and not have any complain at all, have great friends both Blacks and Whites no problem whatsoever, I love it here.

It is one of the best safe places to visit.


Which Country did I miss out, If you know other Countries that black people can visit and feel welcome please share in the comment section.

And if you have visited any of the Countries above and have bad experiences please comment your experience.

Thank you for reading.

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