UK WORK VISA 2021 Points-Based Immigration System After Brexit

Graduate Route Visa With Scholarship From Nigeria To The UK
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UK work Permit also called UK work visa 2021 Points-Based Immigration System AFTER BREXIT and all you need to know, and remember to go to the UK immigration site to confirm all information.

Some of you have asked us to do a write up about points-based UK Immigration system of UK work visa, so here we go.

As you all know that United Kingdom is out of European Union in 2020, on the 31st of December 2020 the freedom of movement between the European Union and the United States Ends.

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Therefore, anyone from the EU or outside the EU will have to go through the same immigration process to come into the United Kingdom to work, or live or study and so on.

Now, what is the United Kingdom doing about this?

They have introduced a point-based system from this January 2021, they have already started the process, and they have started issuing Visas this January 2021.

The UK have introduced this point-based system because they want skilled migrants to come or remain in the UK.

So, how is this going to work?

1.  You that is outside the United Kingdom will need a valid Job offer that must be from a approved Company, employer or organisation in the United Kingdom.

And this employer must be able to sponsor you to come to the United Kingdom.

2. This Job offer has to be a certain skilled level which is level 3, that is the minimum skilled level, which is also equivalent to A levels or anything equivalent.

3. You will also need your English skills to be intact. That means you will have to do the English exam and pass the exam.

4. The Job offer salary must be a minimum salary of 25,600 British pounds that your employer has offered you.

If you can remember we said this visa is a point-based category visa, so you need to have a minimum points to qualify for such work point-based visa category.

Normally the points is over 100, you should be able to proof and get up to at lease 70%.


1. The Job offer gives you 50% point, and you need another 20% to make the lease 70% for you to be able to apply for the Job permit.

2. In other to be able to earn the 20% points, there are few ways you can do this –

  • Ph D in one of the STEM categories
  • Earn higher than the going rate of the Job you have been offered
  • Job in the shortage occupation list
  • Job meets the relevant national pay scale
  • Switching to enter the labour market (graduation in the UK with a Job offer)

UK WORK VISA 2021 Points-Based Immigration System After Brexit

If you qualify for any of this category above can earn you the the 20% or more.

This may not be very straight forward so that is why I have added the link for you to read further.

Finally, if you have any question, please comment and help share and subscribe to enjoy more.

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