How To Apply For A Singaporean Permanent Residency 2021

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As we all know that you need to get a PR known as Permanent Residency before you can get your Citizenship in any Country. In this post, we are focusing on How To Apply For A Singaporean Permanent Residency 2021.

Here we are going to talk about how you can get a Permanent residency in Singapore because some of you already ask for this information now here it is.

A lot of people apply for the PR in Singapore, but only a few were granted. The reason is that this country is very small, they are trying to be very careful and choose well.

We all know that obviously to get citizenship of a Country, you will get some profit out of it, so they should get some profit out of you as well.

And here in Singapore, they want to be sure and know if you have anything to contribute to society.

So, before we go fully into this write-up, let me remind you that it is difficult for S pass holders unless they earn a good amount of money legally or contributing a lot to society.

For you to qualify to apply for PR in Singapore, there are many ways you can-

1. Through marriage – You must have been married for 3 years minimum before you can apply for your PR.

2. Through having a Child – It’s even easier if you have a child with a Singapore Citizen spouse.

3. As an Investor – Investors who are doing business in Singapore or who want to invest in Singapore can also apply for PR.

4. As a student in Singapore: Check out our post on Student Visa to Singapore from Nigeria

I will explain all these further steps by step, to apply for any of the above listed, you will have to do all applications online before it was offline but now moved online.

You have to go to ICA online website, then you can download the forms to fill, after filling submit your application form online and your request to commence.

Before you apply online, make sure you already have your sing-pass, because the sing-pass identifies you as not just anybody just messing around on the site.

Without your sing-pass, you can not go forward.

In other words, for students, you can not get a sing-pass, now the question is how do you apply for a PR without a sing-pass as a student?

As a student, you already have your FIN (Foreign Identification Number) giving to you when you become a student that is what you will use.

But for the others, you will only use the sing-pass to access the website.

How To Apply For A Singaporean Permanent Residency 2021

Note that all the documents you are submitting must be in the English Language.

And make sure you photocopy all your documents, have them both in Original and photocopy, because you may be invited to face to face interview.

1. First Document you need is Pass ID – Whatever pass you have, for example, student pass, S pass, E pass.

2. Pay-slip for last 6 months

3. Updated Resume

4. Birth Certificate

5. National ID from whichever Country you are from

6. Marriage/Divorce Certificate

7. Referral letter from your Company or Institution. You need two referral letters for both places, Company where you work or where your school

8. Referral letter by Singaporean friend not Singaporean relative, only friends

9. For students, you need to provide a certificate of higher education

10. Receipt of Volunteer Service – the volunteer can be anywhere in Singapore to help the people in need, there are organizations you can go to for this,

but make sure the organization you go to render your help is a registered Government organization,

you will render help to them, it could be few hours and in return, they will give you a receipt, that is what you need as part of your Documents.

11. Blood Donation – This is very valuable in Singapore. The Singapore Government gives huge value to this.

Now Let Us Move To Tips To Increase Your Approval Rate –

The most important part of this is you need to prove that you can contribute more to society.

For example, you should do some months of volunteer services, not just once. And try to do this from your heart, do not do it for papers, it as if you love to help people.

This will increase your chances.

Also, try to donate blood more regularly like 4 to 5 months intervals. Because you will be given a card for all the numbers of times you visited to donate your blood.

So, doing more than others definitely will increase your chances of approval.

Finally, the processing time takes between 3-6 months, in few cases, it takes longer.

And if you are granted you will receive a huge bunch of all your documents including a congratulation letter in the documents, your PR card, a re-entry form to fill and return, and a medical form to take to any government-approved hospitals to do your medicals about $50-60 payment requires at the Hospital.

Then,  you will book an appointment online and go to your appointment physical at the home office with your PR card, re-entry filled form, and the medical filled form, including your passport photographs.

But if you were not granted the PR, you will only receive a letter just saying you were not granted with no explanation why you were not granted.

I hope this helps someone out there. Please share and comment on your thought.


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