New UK Immigration Rules for 2021 That you should know

New UK Immigration Rules for 2021
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All new UK Immigration rules coming in 2021

The UK Government has launched the new points Based system which has been labeled as a simple, effective, and flexible system.

This is a bit of advice from the immigration advisory committee (MAC) and the law commission.

The new immigration system from January 2021, will also be applicable to EEA National Applicants as the Brexit transition period would have terminated.

So, this is also a sign that the tier system is ending as well.

Meanwhile, in this write up we will be talking about the changes in the following:

  • Tier 1 Routes
  • Tier 2 Routes
  • Tier 4 Routes
  • Tier 5 Routes

And other work and study categories that are not included in the Tier system.



the high-profile business individuals from outside the EEA who are the brightest and have the best talent, in the past were able to come to the UK for non-sponsored work under the tier 1 visa routes.

So, these visa routes were the first to change over the past years and as a result, the changes to these visa categories are less substantial than others.

On the other hand, there are prominent modifications. like the start-up visa, innovator visa, and the global talent visa were already initiated and replaced the previous tier 1 visa of Graduate Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur, and exceptional talent visa route.

Although, applicants can currently apply for tier 1 entrepreneur visa extensions and indefinite leave to remain.

Therefore, the latest visa routes were enclosed under appendix W, on the other hand on 1st of December 2020 they have been moved to the following-

Startup – moved to Appendix start-up

Innovator – moved to Appendix Innovator

Global Talent – moved to Appendix Global Talent

So, all these above should receive an endorsement from a home office endorsing body and get the attached number of points for the visa application.


These routes were for skilled sponsored workers from outside the European Economic Area EEA.

The part 6A of the immigration rules specified the requirements for the following tier 2 categories.

They are:

  • Tier 2 General
  • Tier 2 sportsperson
  • Tier 2 minister of religion
  • Tier 2 intra-company transfer

The UK visa applicants to any of these visa routes should be issued with a valid certificate of sponsorship before submitting a visa application to the UK Home Office.

Meanwhile, the certificate of sponsorship is provided by a UK home office authorized sponsor, who has the lawful responsibility to obey with a strong set of compliance responsibilities.

But note that the Tier 1 and 2 Visas have been amended with the obligation under the discrete appendices.

Tier 2 general is moved to Appendix skilled worker which comprises rules for the new Health and care visa path which initiated on the 4th of August 2020.

The minister of religion is moved to Appendix T2 Minister of Religion

The sportsperson moved to Appendix T2 sportsperson

and the tier 2 intra-company transfer moved to Appendix intra-company transfer routes.



here we will be talking about the modification to this route.

As we know that the tier 4 visa category which included the tier 4 general and tier 4 child visa routes is for applicants from outside the EEA.

Who arrived in the UK as long term student and sponsored by an education provider on the UK home office register of sponsors.

The guidelines for these routes were also contained in part 6A of the immigration rules.

These visa categories have recently been adjusted in October 2020 by the general student and child student visa routes.

The rules which were under Appendix ST and CS have now been modified to Appendix student and immigration rules child student.



the visa rule for any of the visas under the tier 5 category was previously found under part 6A of the immigration rules.

Meanwhile, each visa route is now placed under its own appendix.

The youth mobility scheme is now under Appendix T5 (temporary worker) youth mobility scheme.

A creative worker is now placed under (temporary worker) creative or sporting worker.

International Agreement is now placed under Appendix T5 (temporary worker), international agreement worker.

Seasonal workers are located under Appendix T5 (temporary worker) seasonal worker.



Other work and study categories not included in the tier system –

Charity workers – Appendix T5 (temporary worker) charity worker.

Government Authorised Exchange Appendix T5 (temporary worker) Government Authorised Exchange worker route.

Religions Worker is located in Appendix T5 as (temporary worker) religious worker.

There are other visa routes for study and work which were formerly not under the tier system but have also been restructured under the new rules UK ancestry, short term student, and so on.

In the new points-based system, rules for short term students are located under Appendix short term student(English Language).

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